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yay and nay survey: TOR

Darth Avlectus

Are you happy about the upcoming MMO SWTOR so far?  

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  1. 1. Are you happy about the upcoming MMO SWTOR so far?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Unsure.
    • Changed my mind from previously (specify why, either way)
    • Yoda's Dead Raccoons Roadkill Bar'n'Grill :xp:

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Definately. I don't have anything against MMO's and I never cared either way about getting a KotOR 3, and I think it looks good, (the lightsabers do look a kinda crappy, but thats not going to stop me from playing it, everything else looks good) And besides, it'll sorta be like a KotOR 3 except on a WAY bigger scale.

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Nay. The problem being that everything looks like it is from Episodes 4,5, and 6. The Republic troops look like clones. The Sith look like Imperials. In the Hope trailer the main soldier also bore too much resemblance to Jango Fett. It seems they took a rich unexplored environment of the Star Wars universe and filled it with Episode 4,5, and 6 looking characters.

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@ fallen guardian: you forgot the PT as well. :p


I fit in either unsure or changed my mind since I used to be totally 100% nay. Just in general because I don't much know or care about mmo games. We'll just have to see if the distaste of unoriginality is enough to keep me completely away. I'm curious enough to maybe try it out but have serious doubts about it all the same.

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nay....make me vomit ...MMO'S bblllleeeuurrhhhggg!!!


Care to elaborate?


I've seen similar things in threads regarding WoW here. I honestly believe most people 'hate' mmo's because a monthly fee is required to play.

However, if you play RPG's or Shooter, you'd probably buy a new game every month or two, money that is no put into a game you'll constantly play.


It's like buying a small, cheap little house from your own money every year or five or normal family home (for 20 years) which requires you to take a mortgage. One is not necessarily better then the other.


I'm a student and don't have much money to spend, but I beta-tested WoW and then and there concluded it was a good game but I lacked the finances to play it. Now that I do, I play it.

The montly fee doesn't make it bad.


The C.E.O. of Activision is thinking about asking fees for playing COD in multiplayer. One of the loading messages is "Free online play included with every black ops game."

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@ Ztalker ^^


just a personall preferance i guess, i dont like the MMO style of gameplay,

Does not appeal to me one bit. It may be a great game storywise and whatever ,

but because its an MMO style of game...it does most deffinetly not tickle my fancy lol

And because it happened to probly the greatest star wars series ever made ( my beloved kotor....sigh...) lol yeh its makes me phisically ill and causes aggressive vomiting and in some casses ...sneezing?? lol so there is my elaboration :D

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Absolutely YES. If I can't have KotOR III then I'll take TOR. I see a break from much of the MMO mold. There's far more emphasis on story than other MMO's(not saying that others don't HAVE story, just that it's not their focal point). Your "pets" can do things for you that you don't want to do(diplomacy missions, crafting, salvaging). You can actually LOSE your "pets" with decisions you make. Yet it still keeps some elements that I enjoy as an MMO player. MASSIVE landscape. Loads of content. Cooperative play.


Most people who dislike MMO's do so on principle alone(please note that I did say most). They dislike the monthly fee. They dislike playing with other players(sure there are morons who grief, but there's a lot more really good players out there who will help you for no other reason than they WANT to help). They hear horror stories and think that's the norm. And you know some have tried ONE MMO(like WoW) and thought.. I don't like this one, so I won't like any of them. It's like playing one computer game and deciding that all games are like sim city and because you didn't like that you won't like any others.

just a personall preferance i guess, i dont like the MMO style of gameplay,

Does not appeal to me one bit.

Describe the style of gameplay YOU associate with MMO's.

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