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Day of SWBF Winter Edition


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Hello again everyone MPC Gamers will be hosting another Day of SWBF.


Here is the post:

Though MPC may be in the final stages of life, SWBF has seen a real resurgence in activity recently, as has MPC itself (ironically). To celebrate that increase in activity and to maximize the enjoyment of SWBF while there are still people actually playing it, MPC is going to organize another Day of SWBF.


Day of SWBF - Winter Edition


If you aren't familiar with the basic premise of a Day of SWBF, essentially it is a day where we try to get as many servers as possible serving up SWBF and as many people as we can playing the games- yes, games, as there ARE games other than SWBF1 in the series!- in order to have a temporary reminder of the greatness of the game that brought all of us together.


While MPC is a good venue to spread the information around, we need your help to get everyone involved in this! Contact everyone you know who's ever played Battlefront and tell them to get the game reinstalled and come play with everyone else. Don't know anyone who doesn't play SWBF? Get some friends in real life to drop by! The more the merrier. The last time we did this, we got several people involved that hadn't played in a long time, and we want that to be the result of this Day too.


What day is the Day of SWBF? It is December 11th, 2010! If you can come for any part of the day, please do so!


That's not all, though... we're going to host some events! There will be a Mod Map server up throughout the day hosting some of the conversion maps from SWBFII, and there will be a Mod Map Runthrough at a certain time (to be determined). If you are interested in having your clan do a Clan vs. All, then contact me and we'll get you slotted in sometime. Don't want to participate? You can just play on some of the fun servers that will be up all day. Mac players are included too- you can join one of the DC servers that will be up throughout the day.


Want to help out by hosting a server or two? Just shoot me a PM or an email at jedikiller AT mpcgamers DOT com and we'll get your name added to the list in this post. If you want to have an event set up, do the above as well.


Spread the word! Direct all your friends to dos.mpcgamers.com or http://bit.ly/doswbf-w.


We hope to see you all there!



As stated in the previous announcement:

If you don't know how to install mod maps here is are a two tutorials:



Basically you drag the map folder (shorter abbreviated folder; it has an addme.script in it) to C:/>Program iles>Lucasarts>Star Wars Battlefront>Addon.



Right click (or control click) your Star Wars Battlefront app -> Select "Show Package Contents" -> Click Content -> Click Resources -> Addon and place the map folder (shorter abbreviated folder; it has an addme.script in it) in it.



Some other notes:

Make sure that you don't not have any side mods installed or else you will not be able to play.


It is recommended that you just have those maps in you addon folder.


Additionally (if you don't already do this) you might want to set your graphics options to low before you go online.

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