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Republic Commando 2 - Delta Operations

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this mod is one of the biggest RC mods ever (with the arc trooper mod or RCII form sqon!) this mod includes a new campaign with missions on raxus prime, munilinst, a shipyard, and an unknown planet (outer rim), new multiplayer maps and maybe 1-2 CO-OP missions!


the mod got a cool, and a bit tragicle story! you'll operate together with the dread squad! the end of the story is cool and unexpected! here is a trailer:


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


Where can I download the mod??

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You Could learn german ! After all the makers are german ! It will be great to have a play of it, the international language of shooting you dont always need to speak the lingo !


So true, but for missions and things will there be subtitles just to clarify. And this will be the 1st time in a while that ive considered playing a single player RC mod. good job XD

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hi all!! i've been away a few years, but haven't forgot about this mod (which i presume is gonna be great). so after reading this comments, and those on moddb, im not pretty sure: is the final version already released?


I've watched the trailer anyway: GOOD JOB!!!

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