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As a casual movies and Force Unleashed fan I was pretty horrified recently to discover the full extent of the EU, especially as regards movie characters.


I don't want to take anything away from it or belittle any EU fans, but where does it stop?


Cloning the Emperor is just ridiculous. So Anakin didn't bring balance to the force? He just set it back a little, right? That's like saying that the Ring wasn't destroyed; it just fell into another crevice and Frodo did all of that stuff for nothing.


Oh and the Galactic Civil War wasn't enough gratuitous bloodshed, so they had to come up with an even bloodier war only a few decades later in which even more people senselessly died, as if the events of the movies were lightweight in comparison. Then they had to have the Sith Order reinvent itself and purge the Jedi a third time. Even twice is pushing it for me. At some point the tens of thousands of new story lines just become a blur. How many times has Coruscant been conquered again?


I know that a lot of people love the EU and invest an incredible amount of time and effort into it, but it is just my opinion that messing with a complete storyline and doing things like trying to reopen plots that should have been closed and adding in new plots that make the movies seem like footnotes doesn't resonate with me.


I think I'll just be a purist and stick with the movies and TFU (and also with LOTR). After sifting through a bunch of Wookiepedia articles about the twenty-something different reincarnations of the Galactic Empire over hundreds of thousands of years, watching the Empire Strikes Back is a breathe of fresh air.


Again, no offense intended; this is just personal preference. I'm just a casual gamer who joined this forum to talk about TFU. I was just wondering what your opinions would be on the subject of accepting the EU.

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