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Mojo End of Year Poll: MOST WANTED FOR 2011



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  1. 1. MOST WANTED FOR 2011

    • STFU 3
    • Ron Gilbert/Tim Schafer releasing a game all over our faces
    • Jurassic Park
    • MojoX to be finished
    • Monkey Island 6
    • Another Sam & Max season
    • More Mojo reference humor
    • DJG

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Handsome Halibut! Wait...


Jurassic Park for me. Partly because I was obsessed with the first movie as a kid (I still have fond memories of hiding behind the chairs in front of us in the cinema with my brother when the raptors do their thing) and Telltale is pretty good at staying true to the source material, and partly because I'm really interested what they will do gameplay-wise.


Oh, and that Double Fine Stacking-game looks pretty cool too.

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For me it was a close call between MI6, the Ron Schafer/ Tim Gilbert game and Jurassic Park.


I chose for....



I'd just love to see what that'll become, how they'll make it an adventure game with the added stress of being chased by dinosaurs. :D


But MI6 is of course a game that has to be released somewhere in the future. The world needs it.

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There's really nothing on this list I'm particularly waiting for:


- TOMI was great, but I feel it's too soon for MI6.


- The Ron\Tim project might become the best game ever, but as right now we know nothing about it I'm not very excited about it.


- Don't care about Jurassic Park too much.


- Deathspank Joins Glottis sounds too weird.


So personally I'd like to see more of Insecticide, new installments of A Vampyre Story (it'd be a damn shame if it won't get continued), as well as Stacking on PC.


The best classic LucasArts style adventure game will probably be The Journey Down: Part 2, but it's not directly related to Lucas just inspired by.

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