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Endor DLC thoughts? (!!!Spoilers!!!)


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Honestly, I didn't find it all that fun. I wasn't expecting much for a buck, but still...


What annoyed me the most was the constant screen-tearing (did anyone else have this problem?) and the lack of Rebel dismemberment.


The only part Ireally enjoyed was the fight with Leia. More enjoyable than the Vader fight at the end of the actual game.

The cliffhanger ending was a little annoying too. I thought the DLC was going to continue, but it just ends. As long as the next one isn't more expensive I won't mind so much, but I have a feeling it might go back to being 800 MP...


What did you think of the Endor DLC?

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Copied from my post in the other thread, only with spoiler tags as this thread strikes me as the "spoiler free" thread:



Yeah, I just played it today. Downloaded the costume pack as well, and some of them looked pretty sweet. I played the first half of the level in the default costume (red hood) and the second half (from first entering the bunker onwards) in the Dark Apprentice costume. Both are cool in their own right.



I do believe that Leia meant to say that Luke died on Hoth in this storyline. I would imagine that Vader and Starkiller may have invaded Echo Base together. Vader might have pursued the Millenium Falcon as he did in the movie while Starkiller may have hunted down Luke and defeated him before he got the chance to escape in his X-Wing. Then, I imagine, either Obi-Wan or Luke himself appeared to Leia in spirit form and guided her to Degobah to be trained as a Jedi under Yoda. He undoubtedly had her construct her own lightsaber as can be seen in the game (with the yellow blade). This may have been possible because she may have had more time to devote to her training than Luke would have because now that Luke was dead, Vader had no further reason to pursue the Millenium Falcon, and Leia and Han probably never went to Cloud City.


So that's my take on it. Vader still having Starkiller as his secret apprentice drastically altered events from the time of The Empire Strikes Back onward. Luke's dead, Leia trained under Yoda, and events have played out quite differently from then on.


The ending leaves me thinking that the story may continue with further DLC. While it is implied that Palpatine was in the act of killing Vader, we never see it actually happen, so it is possible that Vader may somehow escape his master's wrath, and we may very well get to assist him in overthrowing the Emperor (or at least attempting to do so).


I would have preferred that Leia not be killed so that she could be the hero in the coming chapters, but I guess that won't be happening. I felt bad for Chewie. Han too, to a certain extent, but Chewbacca's death I found to be particularly sad for some reason.



Anyway, I found this level to be pretty fun to play. Story wasn't spectacular, but I knew it wouldn't be. I was a little disappointing with the low number of holocrons (there are three of them), and I was able to easily locate all of them without the assistance of a guide (compared to the five well-placed holocrons from the Hoth DLC from the previous game, one of which was so well hidden that I hadn't discovered it until very recently).


All-in-all, I'd give this level a 7.5 out of 10.

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