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Favorite Skin/Lightsaber combination?

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What's your favorite skin/lightsaber combo for Starkiller?


I have been playing with the orange "fire" sabers and the Hoth Darth Stalker skin the last couple days. Bad ass skin and setting Stormtroopers ablaze as they die is fun.


I also like pairing the Black saber with the pink/purple Force Fury saber. I just like the way it looks.


Admiral Ackbar with either the Chaos, Impact or "fire" sabers is one I have been using as well.


I really think the skins and sabers add extra re-playability...

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Not sure what my favorite skin is, but I always stick with two red lightsabers up until Degobah and then switch to two blue ones after that to coincide with the story as told in the novel (nerdy, I know).


I do the exact same thing, more so with TFU1. In TFU2, in my re-playthroughs I'll use both red for Kamino, but after that I'll use one red and one other for the extra benefit it gives, then after Dagobah I'll use one blue and one focus, until I get to Vader, then I use 2 blue. In my most recent playthrough a few days ago, I used red and green in the spirit of Christmas :).


I may change saber colors just to try them out once in a while, but I never change skins during the main story, whether it be TFU1 or TFU2. I only change costumes in DLC if there's a good alternate to the main one used in whichever DLC I'm playing, I don't ever use the wacky ones like Ackbar or C3PO, since I feel...weird


oh yeah...Merry Christmas everyone :D

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I really like the dreaming robes or whatever that plain brown shirt Starkiller gets in the Dagobah cave is called. I like that because it's very plain and utilitarian, in contrast to the rest of the costumes, which are rather extravagant.

As for lightsabers, I typically keep the red ones, since in my mind Starkiller is still totally a darksider.

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I do the exact same thing, more so with TFU1.


Yeah, same here. I'll use red up until the Empirical, then I'll use green up until Kashyyyk, and then blue for the remainder of the game. Oh, and I always put Starkiller in the Sith robes for the first Felucia mission because he wears a hood at that point in the book. ;)


Sordid Dreams: Same here. I like to wear that outfit on Kamino at the end of the game, especially when fighting Vader. It kind of gives the vision on Degobah meaning, where he's wearing that outfit. It's kind of stupid that he sees a vision of the future where he's wearing a Jedi ensemble and then never actually wears it.

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I usually prefer two blue sabers and the experimental Jedi armor because it looks like the exact opposite of the saber guard's appearance.


If I feel a little dark I will always go with Sith Stalker and two reds; the Dark Apprentice's robes and eyes just feel too weird. I also like to use the ceremonial Jedi robes quite a bit.


My favorite colors are purple and blue, but my preferred upgrades are usually Shock, Disintegration, or Drain.


Does anyone else agree with me that lightsabers with pulsing/unstable crystals look stupid?


Also, I used to think that the black lightsaber looked awesome with the Sith Robes in TFU1, but in this game, it pretty much looks bad next to any costume.

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