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Star Wars - Theatre of War

Admiral Smythh

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Empire at War came out in 2006 followed by Forces of Corruption in 2007 and in the past 3 years all we have seen is "user made" mods and nothing else from the actual creators of the game related to Empire at War...


... Well besides all those action oriented console Star Wars games like Lego Star Wars, Force Unleashed, Galactic Heroes etc. YAWN


We all know that modding is time consuming and personally i have no intention of learning how to create my own mods because basically i will go mad with all the required knowledge needed to produce mods.


So many players of this game have posted comments about not being able to get that "map editor" thing to work anyway... myself included


So i thought if a sequel to Empire at War was made it must ALSO include an all-encompasing GAME EDITOR that can be used from the main menu of the game itself...


This "in-game" GAME EDITOR would provide players ALL the options that modders are spending countless hours editing now, this would save us all the frustration of attempting such a huge task as designing our own mods in future.


The GAME EDITOR will customize and edit all aspects of gameplay in the game...











Personally i think this game should be a bold new direction thus abandon the Empire at War label and become a new title namely: Star Wars - Theatre of War


Last year i began working on ideas for this game but my old computer died but in time i will eventually remember those gameplay concepts i created for this Theatre of War dream version of Empire at War.


Some of these ideas were inspired by Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars, Supreme Commander and even a cute little downloadable verson of Axis & Allies the boardgame.


Theatre of War could be so much more than just an RTS title, it could incorporate TURN-BASED elements as well as BOARDGAME elements or the best case scenario would meld them all into one option driven RTS Star Wars masterpiece.


This thread was written to inspire game designers as well as players alike so feel free to contribute thoughts and ideas to this hopefully possible project

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Hm, I know it is a late response after 2 Years. But it is better then nothing.

Maybe the thread starter will see it one day.


A Editor "all in one solution" would be awsome. Fans and Modders would love it, not only for Eaw, but for any other Game aswell.


But only few game communitys do actually have such SDKs becouse many companies like to keep theyr Game Engins and Development tools secret for themselves.


However, in fact there is no "all in one game devellopment solution".

Even the big Game Companies on the Market are using a combination of different tools to create theyr games.

For example : Photoshop for the Textures, 3DSMax or Maya for the Modelling and after that a SDK for the actual Game.


I think it would be possible to devellop such a easy to use, all in one Tool for everyone - but that would take a lot of money/time and skilled programmers.


So you probably have to make your modders/devellopers homework ( that means to learn all that complicated stuff ), or you better dont touch it at all.


--- And sorry for bad spelling, i'm no native English speaker XD

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