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Defeating the Gorog


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I finally just beat this on Unleashed after several tries at all the stages.


I probably did a horrible job and the bare minimum for defeating it. Does anyone else have any tips?


This is how I beat it. Tell me if there is an easier way:


1. In the arena: Stood as far forward as possible when he was slamming. When he went for a sweep, dashed backwards and timed a double jump so that I was in the air when his fingers went by. Shocked him constantly to get to each animation.


2. On the catwalk: First stage: I basically stood there and shocked him with Force Fury on. Second stage: I went to the left corner and threw my lightsabers at him until I got the first animation (while taking what appeared to be half damage), then I jumped around shocking him until I got to the second animation. It took way too many tries.


3. While falling: Constant lightning while I tried to dodge his swings (mostly unsuccessfully) and a combination of lightning and saber throw when up-close. Is there a way to predict the trajectory of his swings?


Originally I was using saber throw for almost everything, but then I figured out that lightning is way more efficient.


I briefly checked the board but if I missed another thread about this feel free to delete this one.

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