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I think I f'ed up

UNIT 666

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium.


I installed SWBF and played for hour and hours, then installed som mods, but like a dummy, didn't make a back-up of .lvl files and such. The mods crashed the game when I tried to play online, so I uninstalled. Then I tried to reinstall. At Disc 2, it gave me some B.S. error that the install program was going to terminate. But at the same time, another message said insert disc 1. WTF??? So I did a system restore, but that didnt change anything. Now, the lucasarts folder is still in my program files, so I tired to play the game and it won't start up. So I went to add remove programs and clicked remove and it says wait for changes to be finished or some B.S. So I manually deleted the lucasarts folder from my drive. Upon inserting disc 1, it says BF1.EXE not found or some B.S. (no, I didn't write down all these stupid error codes).


WTF do I do? And if someone says "have you tried cleaning your CD" I'll kill your ass.

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