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editing .NPCs


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I am not really sure what are you talking about. I ll give it a try.


If you are talking about the npc.cfg files inside the assets1.pk3 you need to copy them out, remove the "read-only" and put it back in (overwrite it). Other way is to make a new .pk3 file, make "ext_data" folder inside that .pk3 and copy entire NPC folder in there (but before you again have to remove "read-only"). Then you can basically edit it without changing the game files. If you ever get tired of it just delete that .pk3 and everything will get back to default.

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how do I edit a .NPC? I want to edit the dismember probabilities, playermodels, and weapons but I can't delete the letter when I double click on the .NPC file. I use WINRAR to open then. Can someone help?


try pakscape instead of winrar: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Pakscape;31681


also, here is a good forum for NPC editing: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/info/NPCTutorial_expand#2096522


also, something ive discovered: you cant edit the files directly with pakscape or winrar; it wont save your changes. you first have to cut and paste them somewhere else (outside of the pakscape/winrar window, say... on your desktop) and edit them there. then, when you are finished editing, you can cut and paste them BACK into the pakscape/winrar window.

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