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Sam & Max: Season 3 - Alternative endings and a glitch [video]

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Hi everyone,

a long time reading but first time posting here :)


I recently played Sam & Max Season 3 and found out about alternative endings in season's finale, since I couldn't find any Youtube clip about it I decided to make one myself. I also found out about some stupid glitch when you're in Max's storage room, you can go beyond normal walking space when you're a vacuum cleaner.


So, here's the clip, enjoy it.

S&M - Alternative endings & glitch

I have a slow connection speed and my upload bandwidth is crap, so the video is compressed more than I wanted it to be, not to mention that the part with the Glitch is all in shades of black which Xvid compressed like hell, so its best if you watch it by night.


The audio is little out of sync too. For some reason the first version of the video I uploaded to Youtube had no audio and it looked like a codec non-compatibility. So I remade the audio stream and mixed it into the old video, but some sync was lost in the process. I did my best with the little spare time I had.


Hope you'll enjoy my video


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