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[PS3]The Retrieval Challenge and Dash + Force Push

Qui-Gon Glenn

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Ok, this challenge is driving me nuts. I have fallen to my doom countless times, and then I watch the YouTube video of some guy literally "flying" all the way across and back with this combo: Dash, Dash + Force Push, Jump, Dash, Dash + Force Push; completing the challenge in like 22 seconds!!!!


This combo is awesome.... but I have only been able to execute it successfully maybe twice in a hundred attempts. The problem for me is always the Dash + Force Push... I am failing at that combo, as I can only get the boost of the Force Push maybe 25% of the time... the other 75%, it either skips the push and just does another dash, or SK stope in midair and does a force push, then falls like a fool.


Is this my own personal lack of timing? Is there a "better way" to do this move, am I pressing buttons improperly?


This and the first challenge are my only obstacles to the Platinum trophy... 90% and still a long way to go...

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That's absolutely nuts. A seven-part combo? My only advice would be to time it by ear. You press the push button right after you hear the dashing sound. If that is what it takes to get platinum on Retrieval then the game developers have some explaining to do. I got within six seconds using regular old jump-jump-dash-push and didn't even know that you could stay in the air longer than that.


I just started a new thread about the trials and I would love to hear how you got Platinums in almost everything else.


EDIT: OK I figured it out. It's just a four-part combo: Dash-Jump-Dash-Push, but you have to be right on the edge of the platform when you start it. You use it to skip the moving platforms and just go straight from one static platform to the other. Also, the secret to getting enough distance on the dash-push is to wait to press the push button until the end of the dash. You can still perform a dash-jump-dash-push and come up way short if you perform the jump and the push parts too soon after the dashes because they limit the dash distance. But hey you may have already figured this out. If so, just disregard this post. If not, good luck.

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