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Mixed up 2 Skins to 1 Skin


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Hello folks,


im pretty new here to the Forums but played JO now for years of my life and discovered how to modding the game. I specialised in editing the textures and sounds but haven`t much experience in editing a modell with 3DS Max.


At the moment im working on a Skin, actually the "Darth Maul" Skin, i wanted to replace his head with kyles one, i did it with 3DS Max 2011 and also textured the model allready.


When i want to place it into the game and start the game i see my model but he doesnt do any animation he is just standing still (dunno how to describe, he just stands like in the modell view of 3ds Max) without a moving Animation and in the Console it shows up some error (Undefnied Animation -1) or something.


Now my question is, since im not pretty good at it could do someone finish this skin for me and make it working? I read thats it need to be weighted but i have really no experience in that, however i would be really happy and appreciate any help i can get. :)


PS: I can send the model.glm file of course to the one who would finish the work for me.

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