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Dear memebers,

I am (along with multiple others) making a mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

The story of our mod will continue after the dark side ending of Jedi Academy, you'll play with Kyle again, Jaden has turned to the dark side.


To succesfully finish this mod, we want to edit as much code as possible, so we are using the MP engine, and make a SP version out of it. Of course, we want to keep it legal, so it is 'just' a mod, but we are trying to get the best graphics possible, and adding numerous features.


However, we DO need coders to accomplish this.

If you are good at coding, and have some free time to help us, please PM me to show you are interested.


Even if you can't code, maybe you can help us with mapping, making textures, scripting, modeling...?


Kind regards.

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