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Brutal Legend Radio Play Auditions!

Adam Crow

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Hey guys! Seeing as how this is one of the more prominent Brutal Legend fan communities on the internet, I thought I would post this here. Me and my co-writer Thyclaine are putting together an unofficial sequel to Brutal Legend in the form of a radio play we've affectionately called Brutal Legend: The Last In Line. Obviously we need a heap of kickass voice talent for this, so we're going to be holding auditions from now until the end of February, possibly longer if we need more people.


If any of you wish to view the details in video form, click


For everyone else, here are the roles that we need filled so far:



Lita Halford – Second in command of Ironheade. Strong willed and steel hearted, she fights her battles with a spear about her length in height. Lita cares for her friends and people, but at the same time she is tough, rarely ever letting her guard done and thus coming off as callous to most




- Oh? (Slight pause). Huh. I thought they would have been afraid to show their faces around here, or lack of one in any case. (slightly surprised tone)


- (Slightly disgusted) "Ugh". Contrary to what you both might believe, there's still light overhead. Eddie, you need to take the 3 of us down to talk to him. I've been noticing some strange activity lately, he might be able to tell us something. (slightly irritated tone)


- It seems you're already assuming whatever it is, it's going to be hostile. (casual tone)


- I don't care! She's a traitor, and you're a fool if you actually believe her! (Angry tone.)


The Guardian of Metal – The appointed keeper of the secrets of metal charged by The Titans themselves, The Guardian of Metal doesn’t get out much, mainly dwelling in his underground domain, only coming into appearance to offer Eddie advice or give him the tools he needs to kick ass. The Guardian’s personality is… well, he’s pretty much Ozzy Osbourne. If you know what he’s like then you’ve got Guardian down pat.




- (Irritated grunt). Can't you see I'm trying to clean up here? (annoyed tone)


- 'E took my business! I used to be the only historian around here, the only keeper of ancient secrets, but then he decided to build his own little slice of heaven on a Silver Mountain, and he acts like he has more of 'em. He thinks he's better than me 'cause he's above ground and I'm below it. Psh. (outraged tone)


- Yeah, I have. I'm just a Guardian, not like I have any special powers or anything, but I'm damn good at knowing when **** around here isn't right. And I don't like it one bit, whatever it is. (wary tone)


The Killmaster – A mystical, motorcycle riding bass guitarist with the power to heal the sick and wounded with his powerful riffs. He has an aloof personality, unnaturally calm and laid back even in the most dire of circumstances. Seeing as how he’s based off of Motorhead lead singer Lemmy Killmister, we’ll be looking for a voice like his; deep, very old sounding and of course, with a British accent.




- I ain't much of a joiner but I'll do anything if it pisses off Lionwhyte. Drag your wounded up here before they die and I'll heal 'em all. (determined tone)

- Alright, who’s the bloody idiot who got themselves stabbed up this time? (slightly annoyed tone)

- What exactly do you want me to heal, Riggs? There’s no wounds here. (confused tone)


The Baron – The leader of a motorcycle gang called The Fire Barons, The Baron is always willing to help out Eddie, so long as combat and fire is involved. He’s very brash, slightly ruthless and is very eager for fighting and setting things on fire. Based off of Rob Halford, we’re looking for someone who can be deep but a slightly higher pitch than The Killmaster, gruff, and again, with a British accent.




- Burn the OTHER guys!!!! (battle cry)

- Well, it’s about time we got some more action! I haven’t had something to burn in da- I mean er… months! (excited tone)

- Oh, come on Eddie! You gotta get a little bit reckless every once in a while! (defensive tone)


Kage the Kannonier – A lowly Bouncer who mans the mortar cannon for Ironheade’s defense systems. He’s smart, but neurotic and is highly sensitive to criticism. Originally voiced by Kyle Gass, we’re looking for a voice that’s nasally, between a medium/high pitch and with an American accent.




- Ready to fire at will, Eddie! Just say the word! (confident tone)

- Oh crap! Eddie… I don’t think the cannon’s working on them! (panicked tone)

- Sorry I wasn’t much help back there… Guess I kinda froze up… (apologetic tone)


And of course we have the various units that make up the armies of Ironheade and The Tainted Coil. Now, while these are smaller roles, they will be featured very prominently throughout the radio play, so you’ll still have a bit to say and do should you get these parts. We’ll start with Ironheade, since they’re the ones we need more varied voices for. We’ve already casted a couple, but who we still need are Thunderhogs, bikers who heal others with their bass rifts, Fire Barons, a biker gang who’s obsessed with burning everyone and everything, Bouncers, muscle-bound idiots with an overly violent temper, Roadies, who are stealthy and carry amps to devastate their enemies, and The Zaulia, Amazon-like women who ride fire breathing Metal Beasts into battle. Make of these characters but you will, but just remember to keep an American accent.


They’ll all be sharing these audition lines:


- Hey Eddie! What’s the situation? (greeting)

- You got it Eddie! They’ll go down in no time! (acknowledgment of an order)

- FOR HEAVY METAL!!!!! (battle cry)


And that just leaves The Tainted Coil, who obviously will sound more evil considering they’re an army of demons. For this you can either go for a monstrous voice or one that’s more smooth and sexy, but still has a dangerous tone to it. Remember, females can apply for these roles as well, as we’ll be including a demon nun that’s kinda sexy in a weird way.


They’ll be sharing these audition lines:


- Lord Doviculus shall be avenged! (battle cry)

- Let’s see how well you neanderthals bleed. (sadistic tone)

- This new threat matters not. We’ll be their demise as well as yours! (threatening tone)


And now that we’ve got the pre-existing characters out of the way, now comes the fun part; original characters. While we do have some guidelines for each of these characters, you do have a bit more liberty to play around with these guys considering they’ve had no previous voice actors, plus the majority of them are villains, and take it from someone who has voice acted for a while, they’re a hell of a blast to play! But let’s start out with one of the new good guys first:


The Prophet – An enigmatic wizard living atop The Silver Mountain, The Prophet can not only see tidbits of the future, but also cast powerful enchantments, has a horned giant named Murray at his beck and call, and isn’t all that bad with his rainbow sheen sword either. But despite all this awesome power, he always makes a point to be kind, courteous, and provide aid when it is most needed. We’re basing him off of heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio, we’re going to need a voice that’s deep and aged, but still powerful enough to sound threatening in battle.




- Welcome Edward. You’re right on time. Then again, fate always has a way of making sure of that. (friendly greeting)

- You are here to seek guidance in stopping The Phantom Blade. Yes, that’s one of the major disappointments of always knowing the future; there’s little room for surprise. (good natured response)

- Do not make the mistake of underestimating me, spirits. In combat you will find that I am far more than just a rainbow in the dark. (threatening tone)


The Ripper – A hulking brute of a warrior who used to tear demons apart for the sheer joy of it… until said demons caught him and tore him apart themselves. However, now he’s returned from the grave and joined the undead army of The Phantom Blade to continue his brutish work… on Ironheade. We based this guy off of Tim “The Ripper” Owens, so we’ll be looking for a medium pitched voice with an American accent that’s not overly dumb, but still full of rage and sadism.




- Oho, I’ve been waiting years for this. I wonder which part of you I should tear off first. (sadistic tone)

- Mercy? *laughs* I wouldn’t even begin to know the meaning of that word! (amused tone)

- So you’re Riggs, huh? I’ve been looking forward to the day I get to trade blows with you! (excited tone)


The Dualist – An intellectual and noble warrior who gave his life to protect Eddie’s father, The Dualist comes back to join The Phantom Blade for his own motives and purposes. What they are isn’t certain yet, but it’s quite clear that he’s not entirely on The Blade’s side. Based off of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, The Dualist has a sense of nobility and honor to him, while at the same time remaining fierce. For this one we’d like a medium pitch and a proper English accent.




- If you wish to live, run to the hills now and never return. (calm threat)

- So you’re Edward, eh? I have to say I was expecting someone a bit taller. (casual commentary)

- Do not test me boy! I shall run you through if you’re not careful! (angry warning)


The Lost Voices – A group of abandoned soldiers left with nothing to fight with but their own powerful singing voices, The Lost Voices used guerilla tactics to survive wave after wave of demons until finally they fell at the hands of their fellow soldiers, now corrupted by darkness. Now returning as ghosts, their vocal melodies are more haunting than ever as they fight to return to their original state. Now, here’s where things get interesting. While The Lost Voices do have speaking roles from time to time, they’ll mostly be singing for their duration in the story. So instead of saying lines for these characters, I want you to send in a sample of your singing. The Lost Voices comprise of 5 males and 1 female, so there’s plenty of roles here to go around, but you’ll be more than likely to get in if you can cover multiple vocal ranges so we can give you more than one part.


The Witch of the Pale Mist – Once a student of The Prophet, The Witch of the Pale Mist was banished by her old mentor when he learned she had been practicing dark arts. As a result, she was killed by the Zaulia tribe when she was found roaming their lands and performing her evil craft. Now back from the dead, she joins The Phantom Blade in hopes of claiming vengeance upon all who were “responsible” for her demise. She has a cold and calculating personality, ruthless to anyone who stands in her way. Even her fellow allies. For her we’d like a medium pitch. And a German accent would be preferred, but not required for the audition.




- Oh, so you recognize your old pupil. How delightful. It will make tearing out your heart all the more sweeter. (sadistic threat)

- Of course I can do it! You dare to question my powers? Just watch as your requests unfold more vividly than your wildest dreams! (offended tone)

- Burn you fools! As you once made me all those years ago! (enraged tone)


Chucky – Death himself, Chucky isn’t exactly the grim reaper that everyone really expects him to be. In fact, he’s a very nice guy once you get to know him. He believes that positive reinforcement is the best way to handle taking the dead to their respective afterlives. However, now that The Phantom Blade is on the loose, he’s on the offensive, helping Ironheade and keeping the secrets of life and death safe. For this one we’re looking for a voice with an American accent and a light/medium pitch.




- Hi there! My name’s Chuck, but you can call me Chucky! All my friends do! (cheery greeting)

- You know I wonder what it would be like if I owned my own island… Man, I could make a living off of that for years! (fantasizing tone)

- Look, I need that book back and you need your men back. Seems like a fair trade-off for a partnership, right? (reasonable tone)


And finally, we have the Phantom Blade infantry. The only requirement for this one: act ghoulish. This IS an army of ghosts after all, so we want some haunting voices backing the main villains up. Obviously, like Ironheade and The Tainted Coil, there are multiple roles in this category, all using the following lines:


- For The Phantom Blade! For immortality! (battle cry)

- Do you honestly think you can beat us mortals? (amused tone)

- My life is already taken! You have nothing left to harm us with! (violent tone)


And that’s pretty much all the roles up for grabs right now. We’ve actually got a few more, but we’re saving them until they’re relevant to the plot for the sake of surprise. You can of course try out for as many roles as you want, and there are two ways to do so. The first is obviously a video response to the above linked Youtube video, and alternatively you can e-mail Thyclaine at thyclaine@yahoo.com. The deadline is the end of February. Good luck to everyone, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you guys can do in the name of heavy metal!

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