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Dragon's Dogma

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An upcoming console ARPG from Capcom for 360/PS3. It seems to be a stylistic departure from JRPGs, apparently leaning more towards a more Western aesthetic. It's open world along the lines of a TES game, and party based in the sense of NWN1 with AI controlled henchmen (referred to as "pawns" by Capcom). There's no firm release date yet, other than "early 2012".


Debut trailer



Hydra fight:



Dev interview - Story:












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For those of you thinking "the title must sound better in Japanese", the title in Japanese is Dragon's Dogma.


In any case, it's nice to see Capcom actually taking the lead in moving away from the traditional JRPG mold, which has come under fierce attack recently. I wonder if Bethesda's campaign in Japan to promote New Vegas and criticise the archetypal JRPG had any impact on the shift.


I hope they come up with something interesting though.


"Kobayashi-san, see, the West has been making a lot of money with this Dragon Age title and the other uh... Mass Effete... game, and we were wondering maybe-"



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Well, the trailer has something on combat and... yeah, it's all combat, so far. No dialogs, no questing and a tidbit on the story: dragon/warrior/heart: sounds a lot like a movie I saw with Dennis Quaid. I wonder if this is still your typical JRPG with the false epic mantle common to TES covering it. They are most likely drawing to draw western gamers that are not too much into playing JRPGs and seldomly play any RPG on console.


BTW, it might be a little early to sound skeptical but when J-Company tries to make western games and vice versa, disastrous results are most common.

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