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Very very small edit request on a model (copy and paste)

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I have a tiny request that would fulfil one of my true dreams. God/Yoda/Obi Wan knows that I've tried very hard to learn modeling for Jedi Knight II several times in the past, but fate simply forbids the success.


OK, so, it would make me very very happy if someone could very simply copy Luke's boots and paste them over his hands so that it looks like Luke has his hands in a pair of boots. It does not need to go perfectly along with the saber hilt in-game and all that, I just desperately wish for a Luke with boots on his hands. This would be a dream come true for me. Please take this seriously.


If anyone could do this quickly and easily, I would be forever grateful. For JK2 Outcast, remember.

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Wow! Really awesome haha! This is just brilliant :) Thank you so much, just what I wanted.


The face was missing, but I found and fixed the problem in the model_default etc. ("luke" was supposed to be "luke_b" in the new face section)


Great. It's perfect.

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