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SWKOTOR (1) with Steam


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since a few months the SWKOTOR CD 1 doesn´s work. I can put it in the CD drive and the start screen starts but if I click on "Start" it says: Please insert original CD.

I´ve made a backup but it says then: Please insert the original CD and no backup.


Now I want to download it on Steam and here are my questions:

Can I transfer my savegames to Steam?

And second is there only the English version or can I download the German version too?

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Now it´s going to be a little bit complicated and strange:

I now downloaded it with Steam. Ok it´s in English. It automatically updated it.

I wanted to transfer my savegames to Steam. But that doesn´t work.

I aktivated the cheats line in the ini. And after all that things the game is now German.

Now the surfaces exists but I can´t read for example the words "quit" oder "new games". And when I click now on the surfaces the game crashes.


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