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experimenting with changing the assets.pk3, modding, animations, etc


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hey guys, recently i managed to extract the galen marek saber and saber stance from the famous "Movie Duels 2" assets folder and place it in my regular old Jedi Academy assets.pk3. it worked perfectly and i was able to play with galen mareks backhand saber in Jedi Academy SinglePlayer.

now, i want to see if i can accomplish the same thing with animations. my main concern here is especially the jump animation, as i greatly prefer the much slower and more graceful flip from Movie Duels to the quicker, less elegant looking flip in the original Jedi Academy.

however, im having trouble finding the animations section in the assets file. i figured it might have been included in a configuration file so i checked some of those but no luck. if anyone knows where in the assets folder the animations are kept, i would greatly appreciate some insight. thanks!

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which asset do you want me to email you? the one from Movie Battles or JA?



i still dont know which asset you want, and this was months ago, so ill just send you both, shall i?



the files were too big to send, so ill just email you instructions on how to do it.

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Word of advice: Never modify your assets. Create a new PK3 by renaming a .zip file.

As for slowing down the flip animation, the file you're looking for is in models/players/_humanoid/animations.cfg.

You can open a model in ModView to see the animation. Once you have the right animation name, find the matching line in animations.cfg and change the animation 'fps' aka speed. Reduce that, put it in a PK3 and it should work fine.

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