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  • 4 weeks later...

Here is one of the coolest things I almost bought, but didn't feel like spending just over 100 bucks for at the time. These pictures are from the seller on eBay.








Looking back, I totally should have bought it. Part of my problem was its size; looks to be about the same as the box cover or even smaller. I still should have gotten it.



And you would be my hero if you could find ANYTHING on this book that apparently was either never published, or is buried out there with Atari ET's. News on this book is the in-depth article I await from MixNMojo.


The Lucasarts Adventure Game Book: The Scumm of the Earth


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  • 5 months later...
I have updated my website quite a bit since posting the thread here, go and check it out :)




Also check out the missing items list if you have something to offer!

Is it possible you could upload the tracks from the Loom Japanese soundtrack? What particularly piques my interest is the "Vocal" version of the Glassmakers' theme, something I don't think was actually in the game. :)

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