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End of cantina? (just discussion)


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Silly question, but


I'm not looking for an outright RP thread here, more of a discussion. heck we all don't have the time anymore to end the series, but maybe a few posts on how we'd all like it to all end


I always favored the 'looping' passage of the powers of the one chosen (DEAR GOD I FORGOT THE NAME OF IT, what F Irvine and norm Irvine and rogue 15's character has).


Namely the idea that the power "passes" on in the time loop between the instances of when the normal cantina universe onto the alternate universe and then back, 'passing' ie: to another person as a core necessity for said powers to "mature" in order for a "final confrontational".


Otherwise saying that everyone whom has said powers, regardless of what 'type that it is' (IE Fused Irvine has a 'Chaotic' version) is a different instances of the same powers, existing in the same time-frame, just 'evolving' and 'growing stronger' with each passage to each person until said point of maturity.




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You put this in the wrong forum. Cantina is in XWA. Movin' as soon as I post this.


I don't remember exactly how I wanted Cantina to end. I have a ton of notes somewhere. Life just ate me up and never got around to spitting me out again. Maybe, if more people post in this thread, I'll say something about all the crap I was planning.


The thing is, though, if I were to continue Cantina now - if the stars aligned and everyone previously involved suddenly decided to jump back into it with enthusiasm - I'd not go the directions I planned before. For all the affection I have for the stuff I put into Cantina, I'm a much better writer now then I was back then.


(I don't know why it took me seven months to see this, probably missed that one email update or something.)

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"Deac Starkiller, Cracken, Kyle Katarn, Irvine (don't matter which one), and Kioet" find the 'edge' of the universe and find out that it is like a 'literal edge' that 'falls' over such like a waterfall...


... All the while Odin and Hemdall are smirking (if not laughing) thinking that they 'told them so.'

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In the sense that I wasn't really laying into "He who changes his screenname more often than I can keep up with", I was just having a bit of a Josh.


In fact, I believe Kyle did make an appearence in a mid-era Cantina thread where he knocked down a wall with some form of rocket launcher and saved the heroes, or something.


What's the TV trope for that?

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I've had the same one for over a decade, so has Red. :rolleyes:


Oooooh - we have lots more buttons than last time I used the interface (like two years ago).


Haha, in fairness, as of four-ish years ago I've been known elsewhere on the Internets as thedeadlymoose. I only use "Redwing" here now. But I don't want to change it here, either.


We have more buttons? I can't actually tell. :X (Or maybe I'm just used to the wikidot interface, which has most of those buttons, and is where I spend most of my internet time these days...)

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*The hot Tatooine sunlight streams through a window in a guesthouse in Mos Eisely, not far from the Cantina. A man groans and sits up.*


Deac: Bloody hell, how much did I drink last night? I had this insane, universe shattering dream which involved mythology from planets I've never even heard of, all kinds of extra dimensional travel, prophecies, gods and demons, and gradually less and less to do with the galaxy I know, then more, then less again. And this whole crazy family. That was messed up. Oh well, time to overthrow the Empire!




Maybe after breakfast....

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*A man with long red hair walks up to the bar next to Deac, looking obviously hung over.. He then 'plops' down on the bar stool.*


Irvine: "Hey barkeep, Caf, by the tons of it..."


*He looks himself over, and rips off the cloak he was (by the look on his face) 'for some reason wearing. Then he tugs on his hair which falls off, turning out to be that he has short dirty blonde hair.*


Irvine: "What the hell am I wearing this thing for?"


*He throws the wig behind him as he takes a big gulp out of the hot mug.


From behind another man walks into the cantina and shouts over to the bar: *


?? *approching Irvine* "Yo steve! I thought I'd find you here! Come on Capt, you look like sh*t... We got to take off shortly, the dockmaster is going to look for more credits for the pad we're renting..."


Irvine: "What I spend my credits on is my business... Did you get those power converters unloaded like I asked?"


?? "Yes and th..."


Irvine: "The self sealing stem bolts and the moister collectors?"


?? "Yes. All. Of. It. AND we got the 'stuff' loaded too. We got to go Capt, we got a run to do."


Irvine: "ALRIGHT! Let me finish this, just..." *shakes his head* "...Just warm up the ship." *mutters off*

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