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Do you wish a remake of the grandiose Ultimate Saber Mod for TSL?  

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  1. 1. Do you wish a remake of the grandiose Ultimate Saber Mod for TSL?

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I'd ask the creators of the USM to re-release their mod to make use of the TSLpatcher, to ensure maximum compatibility with all recent releases. I, for one, volunteer, if they take the mantle up, to make bump maps / specular masks from their "diffuse" textures for the mod. and if they could add to the package a better lightsaber glow and even more colours I'd be in heaven.


I also ask the community: would you actually want it?

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Considering there are so many talented modders out there that have shown they have the eye for creativity. I'd love to see some new fashion of co-op mod (and more of them) rather than a USM re-hash.


Being part of the USM was great for me and I learned so much from taking part of it. I'd suggest it for anyone in the community. It really is quite a different experience when you get to work with other from the community rather than trying to tackle everything solo.


USM is a mod I can be proud to say I had a part in, but we've had our run. I would love to see some fresh content come from the creators here in Holowan :)


Besides, I'm about the only "regular" visiting member of the team nowadays.. would be hard to get the gang together again.



About the Patcher version though. We've already consented if anyone wishes to take up the task, but I simply do not have the time nowadays, and I can't speak for the others.


Rather humbled though Dark_Ansem about the request. Thanks. It means a lot :)

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in the old days, Chainz, I remember I decided to screw up everything just to install your mod. then a lot of nasty stuff came and I could not enjoy it properly, but that's another story. it was revolutionary. and of course it gave us variety in saber hilts.


I already did Sion's saber normal map and specular mask btw :p

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Shameless bump + addition: so what you think it should be required in a new USM mod?


I start with: keeping the unique Saber design of famous npcs and associated quests (Visas, Mira I think are the only ones). maybe upscaling a bit the textures...

then adding the most famous sabers of the trilogu with custom on-off sounds. so it should be, more than a USM mod, a "Weapons of The Sith Lords" mod.

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I have a number of ideas on this. The USM was a good idea, at the time. However, with the TSL patcher, and other mods that can overwrite things, how about this instead? That the team that put it together take certain key elements out, refresh things, maybe even add a few more to their own, slap it all together to use with the patcher, and go from there. That's my first idea. Then, as each person who is good with mods adds their own sabers, someone can then bundle them together, and make an essentially new USM with the patcher, and without the headache. I know it sound arduous, and hard, but it may work better. And this way, everyone can pick and choose what they like, and use that, instead of an all in one shot.

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