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Old Lucasarts games websites

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Two years ago I remember finding actual working Curse of Monkey Island web site, now it's gone. Lucasarts has removed all of the old websites from their games list.


Can anyone tell me or direct me to a place where I can find archived or backed up copies of these web sites (Curse of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango)? Or at least materials that were used on it (backgrounds, images etc.) Somebody must have saved some of the stuff from oblivion?


Thanks in advance


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I have copies of most old Grim Fandango sites including the official one, it's on some archived hard drive though. I imagine you'll find it elsewhere before I dig that old thing out (I'm going to just mirror all the old sites for nostalgia when I do) but if not it's there. ;)

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Oh wow, that WaybackMachine is great, here are the old websites:


Curse of Monkey Island official Lucasarts website (archived)


Grim Fandango official Lucasarts website (archived)


Note: because these sites were made long time ago and in frames, HTML and modern browsers render them differently. So the left frame that contains the menu is displaced - you need to scroll it left-right to see it (you can use keyboard arrows too).



Escape from Monkey Island official Lucasarts website (archived)


Sam & Max Freelance Police official Lucasarts website (archived + canceled)


Full Throttle official Lucasarts website (archived)


Note: this one has launcher button on the image on the left, although WaybackMachine can't execute the launcher


Feels like yesterday when I waited a whole day for page to load on my dial up modem :)


P.S. You can remove the Wayback header by pressing X

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