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Fast Food and franchises

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What do you like best about it? (Do note this may not be applicable to non americans, sadly. :( )


In'n'Out: a CA originated company, or so I hear (funny that, there are some in NV)

Their fries. Fresh fries.


Jack in the Box: Croissant sammitchez, and funnel cakes, curly fries, mini sirloin burgers, iced tea unsweetened


Carl's Jr:

Bacon western and BW double cheeseburgers, bacon guacamole burger, and their chicken sandwiches with criss cut fries


Rigoberto's (another CA franchise company)

carnitas burritos, chicken soft tacos, tostadas, carne asada dish


their super burrito (took me 3 meals to eat and I'm ~average sized for an american, my pal 6'3" 235 lbs it took him 1 hour 42 minutes to eat it all)


Burger King: BK broiler dry and milkshakes, their fries are pretty good too


Taco Bell: crispy potato soft taco (dry), gorditas and chalupas w/ chicken or steak


Super Burrito: veggie burrito, chicken mini tacos


SubWay: Italian BMT dry and untoasted


Safeway Deli: North Beach dry


What are your horrible eating habits?

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