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How do you like your coffee?

Rogue Nine

How do you like your coffee?  

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  1. 1. How do you like your coffee?

    • Black, just like my soul.
    • With Milk/Cream, no sugar
    • With sugar, no milk/cream
    • Light and sweet
    • I'm fancy and I have cappucinos.
    • Iced
    • Irish (aka with alcohol)
    • Turkish (aka delicious sludge)
    • From a weasel's butt
    • I don't drink coffee because I'm not worthy enough.

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I'm more of a tea drinker. We have this tea shop by my house that is amazing and has me paying money to drink leaf juice (as my siblings call it).


The few times that I have had coffee I have had it either black, or with a small amount of cream.

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I don't drink coffee, but it's because I choose to not get addicted to substances not good for one's body. :)

You're just afraid to admit you're not worthy. :xp:


Coffee for me--I love Kauai coffee the best. Too bad I don't live in Hawaii. So, I drink 8 O'Clock hazelnut flavor, and then for decaf (which I have to do in the evening or I can't sleep), decaf Cameron's Chocolate Caramel Brownie. I drink it with milk, 2 splendas, and occasionally a splash of hazelnut creamer.


I've discovered 151 rum in coffee is also fabulous, as is some Bailey's.

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Depends on the beans really. Some it's just plain black. Others you have to cut the bitter a tad. So I go with what I do when it's just Circle K coffee. Lots of cream lots of sugar.


Usually I find if filters are changed and cleaned out regularly the bitterness doesn't accumulate so much.


I don't drink coffee, not because I'm not worthy, but because I can't stand the taste.


Tea is much more civilised anyway. :p

Until the water used to brew it is contaminated. :)


If I drink a coffee it is for social or late nights and nobody wants to go get Monsters. But I usually get coffee from Starbucks


Bleh. YUCK!


Real men drink black coffee. I'm a real man.
Try pure cacao sometime.

But really I agree with Chainz, good coffee shouldn't need anything added to it.


I like my coffee like I like my women. Ground up in the freezer Black.
Hot Coffee. (if you get the reference :naughty:)
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Black. Oh so black. But it has to be good quality. None of that cheap stuff, that needs milk and sugar to cover up the weasel butt flavor. :xp:


When it's hot out, I like to take whatever is left in the pot from the morning brew and shake it up with ice and milk. Tasteh! :D


In the winter, a splash of Carolan's Irish Cream hits the spot.

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Black, Kona


Ooh, Kona coffee is awesome. However, I'm not yet to the point of drinking it black. Hazelnut Coffee Mate works wonders. I used to pour in three quarters coffee, one quarter hazelnut. Lately it's more like five parts coffee, one part hazelnut. A bit better on the wallet. Coffee Mate is expensive!

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