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WNx recruiting for Star Wars Battlefront 2


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WNx now recruiting for Star Wars Battlefront 2

game recruiting for: star wars battlefront 2

platform: PC

Clan name: Warrior Nation

Clan Tag: WNx


About: Warrior Nation is generally a laid a back clan, with a competitive attitude. We support numerous games of all genres. I'm here to particularly recruit new members into our World of Tanks Pre - release section. In our section, you'll meet a wide variety of members from across the globe. We host wide variety of events, such as Gamenights (where we all get together on private matches, and face off with fellow clan mates), and Raids (Where we group together and join the same public match until we take over an entier team.) We will be doing monthly in clan Tournaments here soon, in which we will be facing off against other clan members in a official tournament. Our site has numerous forums for all games, in which members may chat in. Each forum has a selection of Leaders that take care of that particular forum's game. We currently have 1,500+ members clan wide.


Website: http://warriornation.net/


How do I join Warrior Nation?


Warrior Nation is a invitational clan only, so there are steps required in order to join.


First you must be at least 13 years of age to join, do to COPPA. Must act Mature (Though some immaturity can be tolerated), communicate well, and stay in contact with fellow clan mates. You must also keep track of information on our forums.


Then you must read up on our Laws and Policies.

WN Laws: http://warriornation.net/law.php

WN Policies: http://warriornation.net/policy.php


After that, you can go to the registration process.


Registration Link: http://warriornation.net/join.php


Read through the Disclaimer that the above link takes you to. Toward the end of the disclaimer you may then click on link that will allow you to register. That link is: http://warriornation...m/register.php?


Enter your date of birth on the next page. Do not lie about this!


You'll be taken to another page where you will have to read another set of forum rules. After reading, check the box, and click "Register"


You are now on a page that asks you to fill out information.


1. For the user name, you must have WNx in front of it. (Ex: WNxUserName) You will not be accepted without it.


2. Enter a password of your choice.


3. Enter a Valid email address. A confirmation email will be sent to this, which you must accept, before we can except you.


4. Fill out the Anti-Bot box thingy (So we know your real)


5. For your Primary Game, select star wars battlefront 2 from the drop down list.(if its not there don't worry select "Development Other"


6. For the "Who recruited you?" You must put WNxvegetto71. This is so I may vouch for you. Without a Vouch, you can't be approved.


7. Select your Country Flag from the drop down list.


8. Select your true Gender. Do not lie about this either.


9. Select your timezone, and if you wish to receive emails form Admins, and/or other members.


10. Finally click submit


After all this, a email confirmation will be sent to you. You must follow the link within the email, or your account will never show up for approval.


Once you do all this, I can vouch for you, and you will then be accepted within the clan.(please private message me on the wnx forum so i can vouch for you)


It's long registration, but it's worth it. You'll meet a lot of great people.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me with the following,


Xfire: wnxvegetto71

if you can not reach me on Xfire contact me on the following:

yahoo messenger and msn messenger: prince_ssjvegeta71@yahoo.com same for msn except @hotmail.com.


Skype: vegetto71


xfire is recommended to have since this is usually our main way of communicating with everyone, also we use ts 2, ts 3 and ventrillo so it is a good idea to have all three just in case, we would prefer using voice while in game then typing for tactical advantage.


Thanks for checking us out.

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