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Hi, I'm Alebrush, a greatest fan of Monkey Island.

For several days I´ve been working on a patch to fix the hairstyle on Guybrush in The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition.





If you want to see some of the work I've been doing, you can enter the following address:



The patch is completed and it contains the totality of Guybrush's animations and close-ups.

It also has an unistaller to return the game to it's original form.


Here's the new link.

File name: GuybrushHairPatch_SE_1.5.zip File size: 11.09 MB


I hope you like it and can enjoy it as much as i did.

Thanks to Quick & Easy Software

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It works with all versions. You only have to install it in the main directory and it should work perfectly.


I can only get it to work with my Steam copy, I have noticed there appear to be more folders for that version than there are for the DVD version, I may try and transfer those folders from Steam to the one I installed on my hard drive and see if the patch will work then.


EDIT: Yup, that did the trick, for some reason the Art folder doesn't appear in the DVD version directory but does for the Steam version I've played it and love it, great work alebrush :)

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