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Zombie Role-Playing Thread


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So Far so good. i just got really bored and decided to make A Zombie Survival Role Play Anyone Feel To join in. i will start with a prolouge and ill expand from there its up to you's. oh yeah make your own Character too ;)


PROLOUGE: The Year Was 2011 and the world was making a headstart for a cure on cancer. some scientist claim they had developed a cure. many people decided to test the cure out on themselves. 3 weeks later the apopclypse came as the cancer survivors had somehow turned it the living dead they had died and come back alive. Nobody Believed The News Reports CNN had Reported Sightings of People Clowing Around in New York. No-one was clowing around Eventually the USA had turned into a Living breathing Hell. Russias goverment was ready to collapse and had mostly elimnated the undead threat. It Was Too Late For America To Fight Back Half the country was claimed by the undead within a week another week later and Amercia Was long-forgotten called the land of the Undead Earth on hell and other names.


My Character:

Name Tyrone Topping

Occupation: Handyman

Birthdate: 7/5/88

Background: Tyrone Was a handyman a jack of all trades when the zombie threat came around he was prepared he had all the skills he needed to survive.


Here It Goes My characters Start Into The World


Tyrone Woke up to a screaming sound next door. He Dident Know what to do His Window's were barricaded his House Was Barricaded Doors Had been barricaded with Iron the windows with planks of wood. Tyrone was one of the first people that believed that the zombie Threat Was Real and he was grateful for it. Tyrone tried to sleep his watch said it was 2:00 in the morning he knew he was safe in his fortress till dawn and he was safe. Tyrone Fell asleep to the annoying sound of zombies breaking down the door of the next door house and the screaming of his neighbour who pleaded for mercy upon the zombies. Tyrone Awoke and looked around him the time was 9:00 he had to rush his scheadual quickly before darkness fell around him. Tyrone grabbed his Emergency gear pack and his pistol along a axe and AK-47 this weighed him down by alot but considering he was built to muscle like a tank he could handle it. Tyrone Made His first stop at a gas station 2kms past his house he stopped and looted the place for what goods he could find. the gas station contained nothing. as Tyrone Walked out the door a stranged pointed a 44 straight to his face, Tyrone Said Nothing as the stranger stared at him with his trigger finger Ready to Blow Tyrones Head into Nothing.



Alright i will let you guys start your own story from here.

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