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Monkey Island 2 SE: other language subs not working


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Hi there guys


I ve been reading around these pages for last 2 hours without findind any solution for this problem, that as far as I know it's not just "mine".:confused:

I m talking about the not working subs in any other language in MISE 2. I ve tried everything I could..

- I used MI explorer and find the .info files and tried to replace the it/ (i'm italian) ones with the eng files. I didnt work because, as I read here, as the monkey2.pak file is repacked it's slightly different form the original and doesnt work. I tried a way to import o replace files directly in MI explorer or a similar software, but I didnt find anything like that.:¬:

-Then I tried working on speech.info and other files in audio folder but without any good result

-Then I tried with some oder editors (epic failure..).:eek:


In the end I read that perhaps the subs are in the 000 and 001 original files but how the hell could I take them and use the in game-text within??:mad:


Sorry to bother you, I wouldnt like to give up ...:¬:

any help is appreciated

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If you are trying to manipulate the game resources (such as to load an unofficial translation), you can use scummtr to extract/insert/replace text from the .000 or .001 game files. No idea if these are the actual files used in the special editions.



However, if you can't get the official translations working, you're better off asking LucasArts for support. (I think you can choose the game language within Steam somewhere.)

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