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I do have a question about the ignore system in this game as I have been told different things


How exactly does the ignore function work?


For instance lets say I put Lynk on my ignore list does this mean he can't see me when I log in or I just can't see him and get messeges from him.


I've put several people on my iggy list because they were being douchebags on general chat and trying to get all political because one guy wanted to seel an exotic item for 1.4M credits.


Actually you will never see ignored people whenever they log in. They cannot whisper you or anything else that initiates contact.


You cannot be put together in a group (for heroics and FPs), and group finder will not put you two together.


Also if I was in the guild and it is the former where he can't see me then can he still see me in the guild when we are both online?


I'm not sure, though I think it is possible to be in the same guild. My guild is HUGE (486 members last time I checked) but I'm pretty sure the little douchenozzles I ignored were just loners bitching about stuff and making a bigger deal out of it than they should have. They tried getting around it with alt characters and I just blocked them again. Though it was amusing how they tried to tell me they were hackers and they would steal my identity IRL and make my life miserable.

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