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OK. Well, tentatively I have some characters in mind. Not yet playing so they haven't happened yet. No pics. Will update.



Occupation: Bounty Hunter>Powertech...I think?

Gender/Species: Female, Human

Character portrayal/temperament: strong silent, cutthroat and down to business, running a tight ship

Server: Harbinger most likely...Juyo server and others got scrapped apparently due to lack of population.

Guild: none yet. Probably one of my own. Friend with inquisitor needs a tank.



Occupation: Sith inquisitor > undecided advanced class

species/gender: Human, female

Character temperment/portrayal: Anti-Hero, chaotic neutral

Server: harbinger (likely)

Guild: None, until advanced class is decided and other factors are determined how this one will fit in.



Occupation: Smuggler > unsure

Gender/species: Male, Miralian, maybe something else.

Character temperament: Smartass, total wise-crack, good luck getting him to take things serious.

Server: The Bastion (likely)

Guild: unsure as yet

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Lord Groovy is my first MMO character ever. I may need some advice from all you pros out there!

By no means a pro, but I have been doing this for over a year now and I know all the noob mistakes, I made them. Most of this is just common sense, but have no clue what you do and don't know. So I am going by what I wished someone would have told me last year when I was starting.


1. On your first character…Have fun, don’t over think it or rush to 50 just to do group content. Enjoy the ride and the story. Do what works best for you leveling, don’t worry much about rotation that you will use at 50 in group play.


2. Get the rest xp boast. When you log off log off in a rest area, cantina or your ship. This will give you more experience when you kill stuff when you log back on.


3. Need means your toon can use it and it is an upgrade. If in a group need only stuff for your toon, if you want something for a companion ask before needing or just greed and hope you win the roll. If you want some gear on a certain flashpoint and don’t win the roll (if you are on The harbinger). Yell at me, I will get one of my 50 toons and roll though it just us two and you can have all the gear that falls (you will whoever, get little or no experience for doing it with a 50, but you still get social points, credits and gear. However, it would be a easy way to get gear. Which brings me to my next point;


4. Keep your gear up to date. There are many ways to gear, but one of the easiest is to get orange gear and exchange the armor, mods, hilts and enhancements as you level. Also be sure to gear your companions. Before you sell something, think about if it would improve your companion. Not sure about the Sith Warrior, but I know at least on class on the republic side that makes you use a companion at a certain point in the story and if that companion is not gear, you will have to gear the companion to complete the mission.


5. You will see a bunch of abbreviations; lfg = looking for a group, CC = equals crowd control (don’t break CC’s, AoE = Area of Effect (get out of them)


6. Two things I did not know with my first toon once I learned them the game was easy. 1. Interrupt. Learn to use interrupts. Some enemy NPC will use heals or big attacks. Learn your interrupts and interrupt these. I prioritize things to interrupt, to me heals are always interrupted, I will just pop a defensive cooldown to deal with big attacks. 2. Kill order, kill weaks, strongs, elites then champions. I do this all the time, in groups or solo. I will also prioritize this list, if something can heal, then I kill weak healers then weaks and so on. By following this order and CCing what I could (elites), I was able to do most heroic 2+ solo leveling my shadow (easier because of stealth), but I was also able to do it with my knight and she has no real stealth and only a robot CC. My first toon even with stealth couldn’t do that, because I had no clue about gear, CC’s or kill order (plus she was healer).


7. Class – I am guessing you are going DPS… Even if you plan on going tank, level as dps. It is way faster and easier. I haven’t done the warrior, but I love my Jedi Knight – Sentinel – Watchman tree. The knight was my first toon to solo level that did not have stealth. Stealth makes leveling so much easier and I was worried about leveling the knight, however I found the class a total blast to play. Once you get you healing companion, you are a unstoppable killing machine. I have heard people complain about boss fights for the night, but with proper level gear and a little planning I found the boss fights way easier than I did with either my smuggler or my shadow. Do whatever advance class you feel comfortable with, but I don’t think you can go wrong with Sith marauder – Annihilation Tree. However if you want the option to switch to a tank later, go Juggernaut.


8. You get stuck or need help...Just yell


9. Have fun

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Jedi Knight


Level 39


Walking Carpets




Me and My companion Kira..i use Doc when i have to but he is a surly and selfish fellow so i ignore him most of the time :)


Been off line for a bit due to local net work instablity but hopefully will be back soon. Mim's advice is spot on, he has helped me a lot and i woudnt have return or made it this far without his help and advice. Not an easy game for those who are not into the tiny details of the skills but they do help a lot if you can master them.


enjoy! and have fun

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Don't have pics yet but since I am on the Shadowlands server you won't see me anyways



1. Gorvaick - Human Male - Gunslinger lvl 50 - My main toon so far and only 50


2. Ahrika - Sentinal - Mirilan Female - lvl 25 - Was my second toon but kinda quit playing her, have her skills all at 400 and she just kind of crafts for now and does a little PVP at least until Valor 25.


3. Synfal - Red Twilek Female - Sith Sorceress - lvl 44 - Absolutely love playing her. She is my first healer to play as and am currently lvling her the most with my buddy's Maurader.


4. Am'berlei - Human Female - Commando Healer - lvl 19 - Been playing her when my buddy is not online. Wish I had gone with a shorter name or a different name but the 3 names I had picked out before that one were already taken no matter where I put the ' at.


Thats all I have right now no pics yet still figuring that part out.

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a few of my characters revisited, since now i know how to make UI-less screenies. :p


Qui-Don Jorn, my main



My assassin Sutoka, now at 39th and done with Taris.



Ilson, my ex-tank Guardian. Now vigilance spec which Im really liking.



..and my newest one - a darkside Zabrak Jedi Knight Sentinel. 37th level.



Q'el-Dor, father of Quidon, grandfather of Ilson..started as healer but moved to telekinetics



Thom'ell the Shadow, brief descent into the dark side, struggling to come back to the light :D



Lord V'dori Z'jinn



want to make some new screens of Zaelus and a couple more new toons..

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Update on mine, still no pics yet


Am'berlei - Now lvl 50 - Human female commando


Synfal - Also now lvl 50 - Twilek female Sorceress


Ahrika - Miralan female now lvl 32 Sentinel


Xi'ra - Chiss female sniper lvl 46 (yay for dbl xp weekends)


Drakvin - Cyborg male Bounty Hunter lvl 17

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Nehe'a Shootfir'st


My second smuggler, went gunslinger this time and I am having a blast. I think ever class is my favorite when I am playing it and all are easy since I am comparing them to leveling a sawbones with no knowledge of how to play the game.

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Have I introduced Lexiine yet in this thread? I haven't?... wow...


Lexiine Former (the sister of Lynk Former)

Trooper Commando


Show spoiler
(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)


This is her with her original hair... and next is her with her hair grown longer...




...and now her in her new colours!



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Finally at least somewhat on board. Roommate has SWTOR and plays it. My current machine being woefuly inadequate, I kinda depend on him and when his machine is open. This game is pretty cool. Some differences from the KOTOR games but otherwise pretty similar.



Name:Samanthus (Take a wild guess who she's inspired from?)

Occupation: Jedi consular currently Lv 12

Server: Bergeren

Species & Gender: Human & Female (obviously)

Role: Unsure yet. While I like the idea of DPS'ing, they're dime a dozen. I'd be way more popular healing or tanking for flashpoints/raids. This is something I'll decide when I choose to be either a shadow or a sage. Probably just go with whatever suits my style best.


Height: about 6'3"

Weight: That's a personal question!!!

Likes: hard working knucklebusters, wisecracks, mystery, intrigue, gymnastics, walking the line between light and dark despite typically being a good person.

Dislikes: ignorant slackers, clingy people, laziness (mental and physical), politics, indecisiveness, unrealistic pessimism, whining, and traffic.


Currently in story: done just about everything on Tython. Have not found the mission where you choose whether or not to hurl the flesh raider into the fire but it doesn't come up anywhere. Is it not a shared story quest? Anyway, I'll be headed to Coruscant soon.


I had meant for this character name to be for the Bounty Hunter (hint hint), but browsing around I'd forgotten I was checking out the consular--for this reason and the fact I am going to make my own character simultaneously after deleting this one, she won't be a permanent character. This is, however, my first MMO character ever. If anyone is subbed and looking to make headway with a new character on the Bergeren server, we can coordinate something. Not that I think any o' you would leave the comfy confines of the Harbinger.


Also note my roommate is available more often than I, and if anyone is looking for help, he's glad to help. Just don't be like the one tanking guy who started a group mission then bailed and left everyone else to fend for themselves. (None of you strike me as the type who would do that just cuz of a meal or whatnot). From what I see, he's a competent player--I SUCK in comparison, but I'm new so I have a reason. Do your job and he will be reasonable. Knows looting etiquette--but if he gets another fiery speeder like the one for his Inquisitor Sorcerer, you can bet he's gonna keep it.

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Yep, there are appearance designers on the two fleets in the Cartel Bazaar and the two capital worlds (Dromund Kaas & Coruscant).


So I logged on last night to check out the appearance designer... my 9 year old pointed out that it had been there for a while. He knows more about the game than I do.


Anyway, I went to mess with the appearance and noticed that it only takes Cartel Coins as payment. I have maybe 3800 or so banked, but I didn't want to spend any on a minor appearance change unless there was something I just hated about my character's look (which there's not). My son said he remembers seeing a cost at one point for credits, but it definitely wasn't there when I checked.

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