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You will need to make a new seperate animation set named different of the bots u want to use .

Also make new BOTCONTROLLER CLASS and in this you can change the HOSTILESTIMULUS responses.SR_runtoward , melee attack etc

Make your new pawn indexes under the trandoshan overpawn so they will have same team index.( ie an enemy)

in the mesh set make it connect with the MPSET to make them more aggressive and you can change accuracy also.

Hope that help

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The JB mappack has a selection of maps but also it has 1 map OUTDOORS which has custom bots i helped jb with to make utilising all above i said.

It also features some great files made by TAG PHOBOS

JUMP which allows you to make super jumpz like sonic hedgehog from a pad and also

TETHER which allows you to climb ropes in mp up buildings etc .

also it contains his admin patch.

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