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XWA One Year Thread Part VII: Shadows of the Forum

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Anyways. I'm all up for the new 3D SW. I remember going in April of 99 when it opened. We took my son to the 4AM showing. He was 3 weeks old.. :thmbup1:


Me too. I was a senior in high school at the time, and I was so excited for a new Star Wars movie. And the hype was absolutely ridiculous. A bunch of my friends and I saw it on opening day. It wasn't...the best, but I was so excited I didn't even really notice that at the time. Even today, I consider Phantom Menace the best of the prequels, actually. I have such good memories of the lead-up to the movie and seeing it for the first time. I saw it again later with my girlfriend, and again with my family. In a way it was like...the end of my childhood. Shortly thereafter I left for college. By the time Attack of the Clones came out I was over my head in engineering studies, I had practically no social life, and life was just a whole lot less pleasant.


There were some good games to come out from that movie too, like Battle for Naboo and Racer. And of course, XWA came out right before then as well. Those were truly some great gaming days.


And then...this forum was at its strongest point :)

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I bought tickets the day before and invited a couple of friends to join me. I was kind of disappointed in TPM since it seemed to be a "Look what I can do now" type of movie. I actaully have a copy of the first draft of the prequal, and it was a lot bettter, and more interesting. Basically Qui-gon/Obi-wan were hiding Anakin and the opening scene is Troops landing while they looked on, knowing the troops were there to take anakin.

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I thought the whole jar jar thing was pretty dumb. And for some reason the little kid ( jake lloyd is it) never impressed me much...


Actually, I literally could not understand what he was saying the first time I saw the movie, and that was a problem.


"I'm not a boy, I'm a person" Really...


Yeah, he said a lot of stuff that was so bad it made you wince...but as I have discovered with my nephew, little kids do that in REAL LIFE :D


But yes, I think it's pretty clear the story should have started when Anakin was older...where he should have not been played by Haydn Christiansen.

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i just beat TFU II...it was awesome! i don't get why people are all boo-hoo over it..


The story didn't make any sense, didn't answer any questions, and was essentially devoid of anything except generic angst. It was short. And it wasn't as good as the original. Like I said, I don't think it was a bad game, but it was disappointing.

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I guess.........


Not forcing you, but I think you should do a bouny hunter because smuggler and imp agent are two similar classes, so when you get your abilities, you will get bored real quick........Just as I did on my juggernaut, moves are similar to Jedi knight.


This is my solo character, I'm also playing a trooper at the same time with Lynk's smuggler, so bounty hunter may be a little too similar to the trooper.


A lot of the reason I went with the Agent is because I wanted the similar abilities to the smuggler. It was either that or play as another smuggler, but everyone thought that was a bad idea and I wanted to get a character up to speed in the Meatbags. So far (level 11) I am very happy with my choice. I pretty much have done everything on Hutta, even the heroic 2s and have yet to die.


The first Agent companion is so much better than the first smuggler companion.

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HAd a great time saturday. My wife had a get together with the UW-Platville alumni at the Milwaukee Brewing company. It was us and her dad who joined the $7 tour that included:


A pint glass

A beer token for a free beer at a nearby bar (more later)

Free beer samples

and a tour


THe tour consisted of them showing us where there grain hopper was, and how they made wort.


Then enjoy some beer samples


The tour then showed us where the wort was made and hops added


Enjoyed some more beer samples


Then the tour showed us where the beer fermented


And some more beer samples.. including some wort


My wife got wasted rather quickly, and we headed down six blocks to a bar that was recommended by a local. The Bomb shelter which is now my favorite bar in Milwaukee. They had over 300 beers available. and I will have to make a trip back.


We drunked dialed my dad a few times to tell him how good of a time we were having.


The ride home was an adventure. We had to stop my wife's dad from driving since he was just heading south until he reached something familiar. And then when we got home we ordered some pizza before we all went to sleep.

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The old posts have been restored...according to stoffe, our esteemed admin, the post table was ruined during a routine backup operation, so stoffe had to go to the previous week's backup and restore everything else from the logs. Thankless job, but we should be glad she went through the trouble. :)

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