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Emi was not looking at the scene unfolding infront of her, but only because she knew she had to be ready. The elf's soul was absorbed by her at the moment Vakarr sliced his head clean off.


This power, she could not control it. She had never learned how and it was one of the things that made her disgusted with her own existence. She dropped to her knees while she regained composure and stood up once again, her right hand on her belt just incase she needed to defend herself.


She then looked at Per'dra and Vakarr, unsure of what would happen next.

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In the City of Tener'ixal, Outskirts


"If you're thinking the Purge has reached the Forest of Trepidation faster than any one of us could have ever calculated, you've read my mind," Per'dra said. "Methinks we're going to have to unsheath our weapons here in Tener'ixal, whether we like it or not." She took a deep breath. "By the way, well done against that archer, Zherybukh! I would have hated to see you lose, especially to such a sniveling coward as he was." Squaring her shoulders, she then looked at Emi. "I'm--glad you're all right," she stuttered, at a complete loss for words since she couldn't congratulate her on having consumed a soul...What was worse, if the Purge arrived, there would be more deaths!


Squinting into the treetops a little bit further, she spotted two familiar figures dashing toward her. One was a full-blooded Dark Elf lass, and the other a mysterious humanoid female. The former carried daggers, and the latter a parchment map. "Tegan? Akeirra? What have you found out? Did you manage to convince Un'adrubin to let us go, and get directions to the Auris River?" When Akeirra nodded and handed Per'dra the map, both of them suddenly turned their heads as they heard loud whinnying sounds in the forest below.


One of the archers who had been under Zherybukh's command dashed up to the members of the group. "Away with you!" he cried, pointing to the rhubarb-colored vine nets that had hoisted them all into the city. "Our lord Un'adrubin has summoned several of his finest steeds--those that our scout patrols ride. Our sacred Mother is preparing for war, and it won't be long before our enemy is upon us. If She knows this, then so do we, the True! Hasten towards the destination that awaits you, False Ones, or else there's no way you're going to make it out of the Forest on foot before you're slaughtered. Go, now. Go!"


Per'dra made a quick move to grab one of the nets and descend to the forest floor. As the archer had said, there were several thoroughbred horses standing nearby, tensely waiting to be ridden. All of them seemed perfectly tame, and yet the Bard sensed a blazing inner fire within each of them. She approached a black stallion, petted its neck, and climbed on its bare back.

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Akeirra climbed aboard the horse to Per'dra's right and drew it around closer to Per'dra and her mount.


"My path lies in a different direction, mi'lady, for I have made the Dark Elves a promise to secure your party's release," she said softly, her speech slower and smoother than it had ever been before, with a hint of a foreign accent that could not quite be assigned a home in the known world. This must be how she truly spoke, its sound fit her appearance far more than had her previous way of speaking.


"I have committed the Dark Elf's map to memory," she went on, "and I know your destination, for it is my own. We will meet again, fair Per'dra, and when that time comes, I welcome the challenge of earning your trust."


With that, she spurred her horse away into the darkness of the forest, and was soon out of sight.

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Vakarr nodded his head at Per'dra seeing that they were thinking the same thing. Her next words came as somewhat of a surprise to him. He hadn't expected congratulations from her...especially after their little argument. Then again both were stressed out from what was happening around them. He wondered if she too thought he was a simple brute with a sword as he did. That had been the dark elf's undoing, and Vakarr baited him with it. He gave a second nod to her in thanks, as he prepared to unsheathe his sword again.


He hadn't expected one of the dark elves to appear however. He listened to the elf's words, but wasn't sure how he felt. A ferry was one thing, but a horse? Chances were his horse wouldn't go as fast as the others given his heavier armor. He was certain he'd be able to get to their destination though. Still...he felt something wasn't right, then he remembered what he told Emi at the bar. He asked for her protection which she took very seriously...what if she tried to go back.


"Emi," Vakarr said approaching her. "I feel my armor will slow my horse down slightly. I'm certain I'll be fine, but if something is to happen...don't go back for me, keep yourself safe. At that point I'll hold them off as best as I can, if something like that were to happen...and be careful," he added onto the end after a few seconds.

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Emi looked at Vakarr but meerly smiled. The small curve on her lips was as earnest as ever. She nodded at him but then looked away for a moment.


"We came together... we leave together", she said in her usual low volume. She was starting to think that maybe Vakarr thought she wasn't as skilled so as to defend herself, much less defend someone else, but she understood how he could come to think like that, since she always looked as frail as glass. But she would soon show them what she was capable of doing. She had to help this party properly. The ones who did not turn her away, nor abuse her like many before.

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Vakarr stared back at Emi taking in her brief yet strong words in. She was willing to protect him, even if the thought of him getting caught was still in his head. No one had gone to lengths of that for someone like him, and that meant a lot...the fact that it meant something to him was significant in itself. He continued to stare at her until he found himself smiling which caused him to turn his head away. After a few seconds he remembered she couldn't see that and turned his head back to her.


"Very well," he said. "Just don't blame me if we get caught," he said a lighter joking tone.

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In the Forest of Trepidation, Underneath the City of Tener'ixal


Per'dra couldn't help but smile at the interaction between Vakarr and Emi. She was glad that both of them seemed to be looking out for one another, because in these dangerous times, no one could afford division in their ranks if they would make a stand against the Purge! Nevertheless, she admonished:


"Speaking of 'getting caught', I think we'd better hurry if we want to reach the Auris River before the Purge's soldiers get here. Hyah!" She gave a light slap to her horse's right flank, and the stallion reared slightly. Before anyone else could react, he sped further into the forest, carrying the Bard. The others followed behind as quickly as they could, trying not to become alarmed as they heard the sounds of the Forest of Trepidation preparing itself--Herself, according to the Dark Elves--for battle. Leaves rustled. Ravens cawed. Vines twisted themselves across the forest floor, coiling around tree roots in order to ensnare unwary travelers--such as they had once been. The trunks of several trees began to coat themselves with sticky and poisonous sap. Almost all of the bushes revealed sharp thorns that they only used when an herbivorous predator came along and tried to eat them. All was not well...

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((OOC: Forgive the haste, I'm not in the best of moods. That, of course, is an understatement - when you're being spun around in circles with lies of lies by someone you thought actually cared about you.))


His serenity was interrupted by the shifting of the forest. Rising to his feet, he saw two Purge soldiers walking into the clearing. Scouts no doubt. Here to recon the area and report back to the others. Killing them will grant himself and the others a few more minutes - but after so long, the Purge will know something is amiss.


"Hey! You! Halt!", one of them said.


Tael walked towards the two. They grabbed their crossbows and pointed them at Tael.


"Don't move any closer, Tael.", the other said.


Tael kept walking, not heeding their warnings. They both fired their arrows, both missing. Now running at them, he grabbed the first scout's crossbow and yanked it to the ground. He clenched his right fist and broke the scout's nose. He unsheathed one of his swords, and overhead chopped the other scout- the scout using his crossbow to block the attack. The blade cut through most of the crossbow, and the scout kicked Tael in the shin. Not losing balance, he pulled the sword, and jabbed it into the scout's stomach. He pulled it out, and proceeded to grab both bodies. He pulled them to the lake's edge, and threw them into the water.


Now he realized he had to leave. NOW. Running back to Tener'ixal, he noticed the others leaving on horseback. Jumping onto one of the stallions, he hit its right flank and it reared. It then galloped, following the others through the forest.

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(Tell me if any of this needs to be changed)


Xalek, a middle aged human walked down the corridors of the Shadow Academy searching for the office room. He never understood why people felt the need to build buildings in such confusing ways. "If I knew who planned these things I would kill every last one of them" he mumbled to himself. He paused beside a door way and looked through, a group of men were training with jagged assassin knives, they could be very deadly if the wielder knew how to use them.


He continued to walk through the corridors until he came to the room he was searching for. He opened the door and walked in, a cloaked man was sitting at a desk studying something. "Your messenger sent for me, I believe he said you had a job." The cloaked man looked up from his studies. "Ah Xalek, the great mercenary, It's truly an honor to see you in person." he said as he stood up. "Don't waste my time fool!" Xalek spit out. "I didn't come here so you could stare at me. You said you had a job, what is it?" The cloaked man smiled "you may be the best mercenary there is, but remember where your standing. It wouldn't be very smart to have a entire academy mad at you now would it?"


The cloaked man talked with a happy tone in his voice, but Xalek could see the dangerous look in his eyes. "Now the reason I've called you here is about a dark elf named Tegan. She was an assassin and was one of the best we ever had. unfortunately she decided to run away. All that was a few years ago, I've tried several times to bring her back but the assassins I sent ended up dead." The cloaked man was about to say more when he was interrupted. "I didn't come here to get a history leason about one of your pathetic assassins! If you want to hire me tell me what the job is."


A brief moment of anger swept across the cloaked mans face, but then quickly disappeared. "Yes yes of course. I need you to bring her back, shes an assassin herself and knows how to fight us, but you...She won't ever be expecting an attack from someone like you. track her down and bring her back to me, can you handle that mercenary?" The cloaked man waited for Xalek to anwser. "It's not a question about if I can handle it, It's the question if you can pay for it. Incase you didn't know...I don't do jobs for free."


The cloaked man smiled again. "Of course! You will be rewarded greatly for your services. So is it a deal?" Xalek just stood there a moment and then anwsered "I'll bring the girl back...Just make sure my moneys ready for me when I return..Or I'll kill her then you." After that, Xalek walked out.

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((Yes, I was the one that allowed Warlord664 to join. He's shaking things up already, I see! Please welcome him to the world of Sazhen' and "Purge". :) LDR, my sympathies for what you're going through. No rush, and no worries.))


In the Forest of Trepidation


The Bard had never driven a horse so hard in her entire life, especially one as well-bred and swift as her stallion! She absolutely hated what she was doing to him, but she knew that if she even slowed for a moment, she would be lost. The Forest of Trepidation rushed by in a blur all around her, and the only sounds she could hear were the pounding of steeds' hooves. The others were certainly following her--or, at least, she hoped and prayed that they were. If not, then who knew how far the soldiers of the Purge were behind them? The Forest of Trepidation was certainly preparing itself for battle, or Herself as the Dark Elves said. Hopefully, the armaments of Nature would not turn against them...


"There!", she cried, pointing. "Up ahead, there's a riverbank!" She inhaled deeply, and the slight scent of minerals was surprisingly intense. "Follow it!" The rush of water roared commandingly as Per'dra turned right.

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The rain continued to pour down as Xalek rode his black horse through the forest. Acording to rumors there was supposed to be old retired mage living around this part of the woods. Why anyone would want to live out in a forest he never knew. That old mage better have what i'm looking for. He thought to himself. If he doesn't there won't be much left of him.


As he was thinking to himself he came across a small cottage. "This had better be the place." He said outloud. He rode his horse up to the cottage door and dismounted. The door was locked so he used his knife to pick the lock, it was a very simple lock so he opened the door with no trouble. As Xalek walked in he saw a large fireball blasting towards him. He ducked out the way pulling out his crossbow and firing back at the mage.


The mage deflected the arrow with his staff and started to charge up another spell. Xalek just raised one of his gloved hands in front of him. The mage shot a blast of energy towards Xalek. Xaleks glove absorbed the magic and blasted it back towards the mage blasting him across the room landing on a table. Xalek ran towards him and grabed the mage by the collar of his robe shoving his knife an inch away from his neck.


The mage cried out. "Please! Don't kill me! I'll give you whatever you want, just let me go!" Xalek smiled. "Giving up all ready old man?" Xalek asked mockingly. "I would have thought you would prove to be more of a challenge, pity.." The mage winced as the knife moved even closer to his neck. "Please! I'll do anything you want, just let me live!" The man begged.


Xalek just stood there for a moment letting the fear spread through the mage. "Some late friends of yours said you have something I need, the Eagles Eye. It's said to be able to see anything the wielder wishs, give it to me and I might consider letting you live the last few years of your pathetic life."


The mage never taking his eyes of the kinfe at his throat answered "You want that old orb? Why didn't you say so to begin with? Just let me get it for you." Xalek pulled his knife away from the mans neck. "Oh and no funny business, remember I will have a cross bow pointed at your back." Xalek said.


The mage got up and walked to a cabinet and opened it pulling an orb out. "Here it is." The mage said. "The Eagles Eye. Now take it and leave." Xalek snatched the orb and started walking towards the door. Just before he reached it he heard the crackling of lightning behind him. He quickly droped to the ground.


Just as he did he saw a bolt of lightning fly above him. Xalek spun around on the floor shooting a crossbow bolt towards the mage. Xalek heard the mages screech of pain and saw him tumble to the floor. Xalek picked himself up and walked outside. "Ah, the eagles eye. This will make finding the little dark elf alot easier." He said to himself. "Show me the dark elf called Tegan." As Xalek spoke the orb swirled with magic revealing image of Tegan riding a stallion through a forest.


"It appears to be the home of the dark elves, I could be wrong but seeing as shes a dark elf herself It would make sense. But where is she headed I wonder? We shall see soon enough." After that Xalek remounted and started towards the home of the dark elves.

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((OOC: Now I'm referring to my 3 Purge people by their pseudonyms.))


Whilst Feredir and Daugon "converse" with Poteryannyĭ, Suiauthon had walked away. He moved towards one of the lead scouts.


"What happened to those scouts I sent?", he asked.


"I don't know sir. They haven't reported back for over a half hour.", the lead scout replied, shaking under the larger man's presence.


Angered, he walked towards two Shadows.


"You two! With me! Now.", he barked, pointing at both of them. "We're going on a little trip through the Forest.".


Suiauthon walked through the front gates, jumping on his jet-black horse. The two Shadows did the same, and their horses reared as they rode into the Forest.




Tael's horse turned right, and Tael inhaled the air - infused with the scent of the mineral-rich water. He heard the thunderous boom of lighting, as he looked up in the sky. Rain had started falling. Heavy rain.

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