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My Star Wars Diorama

Darth Groovy

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Several years ago, long before I signed up for LucasForums...


I have several hundred Hasbro Star Wars action figures. It all started in 1995, when they re-introduced the entire line up with exciting new details and new articulation. I had auctioned off most of my original figures in the early 90's for hockey cards. Thanks to my grandmother, I was able to retrieve at least 7 of my original figures. When the series resumed in 1995 I started collecting again, only this time, I collected with the intent on re-creating some of my favorite scenes from the movies. When I was a kid I always wanted dozens of Stormtroopers at any given moment. To this day, I finally HAVE dozens of stormtroopers to make this happen!


In the early 90's I got an idea from looking at a collector's box of figures which contained Uncle Owen, C-3PO, R2-D2, R5-D4, and Luke Skywalker. They were all standing in front of the Jawa Sandcrawler in the exact same scene as they were first purchased in A New Hope. I carefully removed the figures and bended the box back and put cardboard stilts on the back to make it a "back drop" so that they appeared just as they did in the movie. Then I got this idea... I wanted to replicate the scene where Luke, 3PO, R2, and Obi-Wan first enter Mos Eisley on Luke's Lands speeder and encounter Imperial Storm Troopers. Obi-Wan uses Jedi Mind Trick to convince the storm troopers that they are not the ones they are looking for. To re-create this scene, I took an image from one of my books that shows the "special edition" version of the sand speeder entering Mos Eiesly. I imported the image in Photoshop and scaled the image to allow for a 3 3/4' figure. Then I used the clone tool to edit out the sand speeder all together. I printed that image on some photo quality paper, then used a glue stick to paste that image on some light cardboard. I put two kick stands in the back, and had one of the most kick ass scenes ever, just made with a computer, some glue and cardboard.


To my surprise, people have been doing this for YEARS! Back in the 80's you could buy fantastic play sets to show off your figures, but I have not seen those now in years. And when I look online for those play sets they want hundreds of dollars for virtually incomplete play sets...screw it! The only solution is to make your own!


My plan is to buy three four foot bookshelves and create scenes on each one. One bookshelf contains all things "Death Star". The next contains all things "Hoth", the finale contains all things "Tatooine".


Here is just an example of how easy this is:



I recently took this idea to my parents, who quickly got on board to my surprise. My mom studied as a commercial artist, and my dad took drafting. They have already come up with some ace ideas!


There are SEVERAL videos on youtube on how to construct dioramas. I don't want these full scale replicas, only something cool enough to replicate the over all feel of the scene at hand. Something that will fit on a four foot shelf.


Anybody got suggestions, or pictures they wish to share?

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