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LDR's Birthday, again.


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Happy Birthday my friend. I have not long known you, but on xat chat you and snard both seemed to be fun.




Ah yes. When I turned 14...I remember I got some kind of t-shirt, a CD of Nazareth Hair of the Dog, an old NES cartridge of Wrecking Crew, and Twisted Metal 2...and a whole bunch of other stuff that was pertinent at the time that I now seem to have forgotten as it faded with the passing of time.

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Well, today is my 14th birthday! This year went by REALLY fast, heh.

14, eh? Holy cow; How old I feel now, despite only being near a decade older. :indif: Though, I can sympathize with the past year having gone ridiculously fast. Anyways, I hope you have/had a good 14th birthday. :bday2: Here, have some fun pseudocode. :D


  set curDay = " "
  set bDay = " "
  set aName = " "
  input aName
  input bDday
  input curDay
  while bDay = CurDay
     output "Happy Birthday, ", aName, "!"
     input bDay

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Wow, happy birthday man!! Looks like you made out pretty well! And I though I was a you one on this forum! I remember when I was 14, last year... Anyways, hope you have/ had an amazing birthday! The years seem to go faster and faster don't they?

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