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Mass Effect: Vindication


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The year is 2186 CE, mere months before the Reapers invade Earth. One year has passed since the assault on the Collector Base, the destruction of the Alpha Relay, and the "replacement" of the Shadow Broker - all of which were the actions of Commander Shepard. Shepard has since then been arrested by the Alliance and unofficially discharged.


The Illusive Man, leader of the pro-human black ops survivalist group Cerberus, has gained control of the purged Collector Base due to the actions of Commander Shepard. Utilizing his other research facilities as well, he has been conducting immoral experiments on numerous test subjects in order to combat the Reapers. One of which was Paul Grayson, who was eventually indoctrinated by the Reapers due to his implants, and he was hunted down and killed by Cerberus assassin Kai Leng.


The Illusive Man is slowly losing his sanity - due to his encounter of a Reaper artifact during the First Contact War, decades earlier. He has used cloning techniques to breed an army, and has nearly rebuilt his organization since the events of Mass Effect: Retribution. He has even delusioned himself into believing that everything he is doing will stop the Reapers.


What could be done to combat the Reapers? And what of Cerberus? Only time will tell.


About time someone made another Mass Effect RP. :xp: Anyways, here's the template for a character sheet:










Abilities: (Think of the powers from the Mass Effect games. And biotics.)



In order to keep this realistic, here's the species you can and can't play as.



Asari (Council Race.)

Batarian (Not all Batarians resent the other races, mostly only the Hegemony.)

Drell (Citadel Race.)

Geth (A non-heretic Geth is a Geth that isn't bound by the Reapers.)

Human (Council Race.)

Krogan (Because.)

Quarian (Because.)

Salarian (Council Race.)

Turian (Council Race.)



Collector (Basically all dead and have no reason to help other aliens.)

Elcor (Sadly, no.)

Hanar (Sadly. They'd basically be a liability.)

Keeper (...)

Prothean (...)

Rachni (...)

Raloi (Only mentioned sparingly in Cerberus Daily News.)

Reaper (...)

Virtual Alien (Only mentioned sparingly in Cerberus Daily News.)

Volus (Ehh. Liabilities as well.)

Vorcha (Nope.)

Yahg (...)


For those of you who never played Mass Effect, here's the entire timeline, and here's where you could search for all/any of the content.


Commander Shepard:

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- Commander Shepard is male, a paragon Spectre, and saved the Citadel Council from the Geth attack in the first game. He is a Spacer, War Hero, and Soldier.


- Saved all of the colonists on Feros. (Aside from Fai Dan, of course).


- Allowed the Rachni Queen to leave Noveria and rebuild her race.


- Saved Captain Kirrahe's team on Virmire, saved Kaidan Alenko and Urdnot Wrex.


- Nominated David Anderson for the Council.


- During the second game, he preserved the Collector Base for Cerberus to study, in order to combat the Reaper threat.


- Shepard barely allowed Project Overlord to continue, only because it might prevent a war.


- Shepard allowed Kasumi to keep the Graybox.


- Killed Morinth.


- Shepard and Legion reprogrammed the Heretic Geth to oppose the Reapers.


- Mordin and Shepard decided to keep a copy of the data regarding the cure to the Krogan Genophage.


- Rescued the entire Normandy Crew and nobody died during the Suicide Mission.


- Destroyed the Alpha Relay in order to delay the Reapers' return. Attempted to contact the colonies.


- Liara has become the new Shadow Broker, as well as the commander's primary love interest.


Anyways, my characters:


Appearance: picture.php?albumid=637&pictureid=8930

Name: The Illusive Man

Age: Mid 50's

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Dark, Logical, Optimistic, Elusive.

Occupation: Leader of Cerberus

Weapons: M-358 Talon Heavy Pistol.

Abilities: Unspecified.

Biography: The elusive leader of Cerberus, very little is known about him - other than his enigmatic ambitions.


Appearance: picture.php?albumid=637&pictureid=8944

Name: Kiraje Sazhe

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Species: Turian

Personality: Patient, Content, Noble, Duty-minded.

Occupation: Infiltrator, Vice Executor of C-Sec.

Weapons: Phaeston Assault Rifle, AT-12 Raider Shotgun, M-77 Paladin Heavy Pistol, Omni-blade.

Abilities: Incinerate, Tactical Cloak, Overload, Tech Armor.

Biography: Like most turians, Kiraje Sazhe had military training at age fifteen on Palaven. Due to his excessive high marks, he was classified as a possible Spectre candidate. Apprenticed to the asari Tela Vasir, the Spectre evaluated him under numerous missions. She noted that Kiraje was cool under pressure, but he frequently disobeyed direct orders in order to do what he saw best. His recklessness got the better of him. He and Vasir were on their last mission - a stealth operation on Tuchanka in order to eradicate a cure to the Genophage that the krogan were creating. A task normally suited for the Salarian Special Tasks Group, the Council thought it was best to send a Spectre instead - as Kiraje's final test. They were in the heart of Gatatog territory, and Kiraje blew his cover. They were attacked by a krogan battle master named Gatatog Uvenk, and Vasir nearly lost her life. They fled, but not before they destroyed the facility that housed the prototype cure. His recklessness kept him out of the Spectres. After his failure, he joined C-Sec, becoming one of their top agents.


After nearly losing his life at the Battle of the Citadel, Kiraje read about numerous conspiracy theories, one of which mentioned the Reapers. Despite finding it far-fetched, he found that it made sense on how the Protheans disappeared, and how the Reapers retreat to dark space in order to never be found. His C-Sec career is taking a turn for the better, as Executor Chellick offered to make him Vice Executor, an offer he accepted.

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((Let me know if I need to change anything :)))


Name: Kairon Gez

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Kairon is a just man who believes that the punishment should fit the crime. Although he believes that the law should be upheld he does have a soft spot for certain people and has been known to assist those in need.

Occupation: Solder

Appearance: picture.php?albumid=797&pictureid=8931

Weapons: M-96 Mattock, M-23 Katana which are stored in his quarters and an M-3 Predator pistol that is carried with him at all times.

Abilities: Combat Mastery, Concussive shot.((Let me know if this needs to be changed, I wasn't sure with this.))

Biography: Kai was born years ago and took part in many skirmishes and a few of the larger battles such as the Battle of the Citadel.

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Name: Luna Ir'sai

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Species: Asari

Personality: She's lively and social regradless of the fact that her occupation requires more seriousness.

Occupation: Asari Commando

Appearance: Like most asari's look like, think of Aria T'Loak who runs Omega in Mass Effect 2 mixed with Liara.

Weapons: Assault rifle and shotgun, she also carries a side arm and is proficient with a sniper rifle, but mostly, her biotics are her best bet.

Abilities: As any Asari commando, she has great control and power as a biotic user. But she also is in great physical condition as she is a bit of a narcissist.

Biography: Luna was born and raised at the Asari Academy. She has never known much of the universe besides where she was born and raised to be the pride of the Asari Military. Despite that, her optimism and outgoing nature helped her make friends everywhere she went. She has been awaiting her release so she can have a much needed and deserved vacation. She intends to visit the worlds of all the races she has read about but only interacted with only once or twice.

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NAME: "Stat" (she's a medic; her full name is really, really, REALLY long)

RACE: Salarian

AGE: 15 in Salarian years

PERSONALITY: Cryptic, hyperactive, honorable

APPEARANCE: She's a light silverish-blue, with fully smooth skin

WEAPONS: Poison Bolt and Disease Infestation from her Omni-tool


BACKSTORY: The cloistered "Stat" escaped from her homeworld because she wanted to serve the galaxy, not lay eggs and further her clan's political ambitions. That was best left to her elder sister, "Stat" believed. Bounties have been sent out to no avail, and in the meantime she's curious about Cerberus and the true motivations of the Illusive Man.

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Name: The Justicar (born Amaya T'Shaan, later known as Reya)

Age: 681

Species: Asari

Gender: The question answers itself ;)


Appearance: Image: Amaya T'Shaan. Note: This image was captured during Amaya's days as an Asari Commando. Since then, no one has been able to prove they've seen her face, much less snap a photo of it, as she always wears a helmet, which shows only her eyes.


Occupation: Asari Justicar

Personality: Because of her strict adherence to the Justicar Code, many would call her harsh. However, few would dispute that her actions were just.


Weapons: One Cerberus Skunkworks Harpy X pistol. Beyond that, she is a weapon.


-Pistols: Master Marksman.

-Biotics: In developing her biotic abilities, she focused on Slam, Shockwave, and Reave. These three are her strong suits, but she is also capable of Barrier, Pull, Singularity, Throw, and Warp, though to a lesser degree.


Biography: In her early years, Amaya T'Shaan traveled incessantly. She visited as many new worlds as she could afford to. She worked aboard cargo freighters to visit worlds she couldn't afford, and learned as much as she possibly could about the people and creatures that lived there. When she was 171 years old, she returned to Thessia and settled there briefly before relocating to Illium with a Turian partner. They lived there together for twenty years and had a daughter.


At the end of that time, the Turian and their daughter disappeared without a trace. Two weeks later, an Asari Commando unit found what was left of them. Dismayed, Amaya almost reverted to her wandering life. Instead, she entered training to become a Commando herself.


During the next three-hundred years, Amaya worked hard, leaving almost no time for relaxation. Occasionally, she burned out and a concerned co-worker would take her away for a week off. But in spite of their best efforts, she always found trouble that needed their attention. She occasionally melded with people who captured her interest, and from these melds, she had two daughters. Amaya's daughters, due to the risks inherent in her profession, were raised predominantly by their fathers.


When Amaya was 518 years old, she received word that one of her daughters and both of her mates had been killed in similar manners to her first losses. In a panic, she raced to find her only living daughter. She found her daughter still living and sent her into hiding. Then, she entered training to become a Justicar.


Justicar training was no cake walk; Amaya was nearly killed three times before it was over. But when she completed it successfully, she cast off her old identity and renamed herself Reya. Though there was an assignment lined up for her if she wanted it, she declined, saying simply she already had one. Then, she hunted down and killed the group responsible for the deaths of her loved ones. Recognizing this as a violation of the Code, she spent fifty years in isolation, self-inflicted exile.


When she returned, she renewed her pledge to uphold the Justicar Code and took to wearing a helmet to conceal her identity from those who knew her. To further distance herself from the woman she had been, she gave up the name "Reya" as well, calling herself simply, "The Justicar".


For the next hundred years, she served as a Justicar, her stubborn refusal to reveal her identity making her something of a legend to those she aided. It also attracted the notice of the Citadel Council and they expressed an interest in making her a Spectre. Unfortunately, she is notoriously difficult to track down, as she almost never stays in one place for long.

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Things have slown down in Uni just in time for me to want a Mass Effect rpg, lol.


Appearance: Click here

Name: The geth (name may come later)

Age: 0

Gender: N/A

Species: geth

Personality: Curious, Logical, Consus, Infuential.

Occupation: Mobile Scout Platform

Weapons: geth Pulse Rifles, geth Plasma Shotgun

Abilities: AI Hacking, Combat Drone

Biography: This unit is a by-product of the success of the Legion platform and the increasing hostilities between the geth and their quarian. Fearing an all out war where the geth would be forced to destroy those who made them, a census was drawn. Eventually it was decided the geth would begin the work on the big dream. By constructing a mega-structure the geth would allow every single geth to become connected to one and another into one glorious hive-mind. It is hoped that once construction is complete, the geth are able to download themselves into the Mega-Structure and the creators were allowed to reclaim their home world then all hostilities will end.


However many geth programs believed that backs-ups should be in place to protect them from the eventuality that the creators didn't wait and war should so happen to break out between the two races. There were also fears that once the "old machines" returned that they would harbour resentments towards the failures and absorption of the "heretics". It was widely believed that the geth didn't possess resources to deal with either one of these eventualities and build the mega-structure. Aware of the small but notable affect the platform known as Legion had on the two important organic figures Commander Sheppard and Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, a new small line of geth were built in the image of Legion in hopes to strength the geths relationship with the rest of the galaxy.


This particular geth unit is the fifth built from this line and currently all the one who hasn't been destroyed. Designed with 1,200 geth programs and built from the bodies of several fallen heretics. it's mission is to scout the universe in hopes of gaining intelligence on the races that inhabit, befriend organizations to could help provide the geth with resources and investigate signs of Old Machine activity. Acting on information from the Shadow Broker, this unit has begun to investigate the targeting of its fellow line units and fighting back against the organization responsible for targeting these units; Cereberus.

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