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Too many questions


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Hello Everybody!

I have some question(8)!Please if you can the answer help me.I never programming game.But i nowwant to learn this and i need your help.


1.Dual Bryar Pistol

-I want to make Double Blaster pistol like Jango Fett pistols from the old bryar pistol.


2.Respawn Limit

-I like to make new gametype with 10 respawn .


3. New Gametype

-I need some help for this .I want to make Assualt gametype with respawn limit and time limit,but i don't have idea to start it.


4. Custom Animations to Weapons

-I want to add new different anims to different weapons like blaster,repeater and rocket


5.Duel: Jedi VS Merc

-This is possible???If yes how can i do this like jedi vs jedi duel.


6 .Update Weapons with Points

-If you give points to weapons this incread weapons ammo like forces or Movie Battles II.


7.Dodge to Items

-How can i give dodge to items??I think you can buy it for points and the player can use automatic.


8. Weapons Throw Up??

-I need help for this. If the thermal or rocket hit you or near exploded from you or somebody push then you fall.


Thanks Your Answer. :):):)

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