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DD is getting married!

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Ey Rogues!


DD the official spanker is getting married!!!:D


Lets all form up and congratulate her in this new stage of her life...



lets hope she gets an Ace medal on this one :thmbup1:




We know each other for a long time, and I wish you good luck, may God bless your new life with the lucky husband (yea right.. ;) ) and welcome to the next level gamer girl.





Heilz Out!


<I've Seen Enough Hentai To Know Where This Is Going.....>

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Oh, oh, oh, oh... join the Vornskr (US West, PvE) server! We have a guild! I'm the leader (of the Republic side guild)!





Every Aresener should join the guild :carms: and if you have characters on another server, abandon them, join the Vornskr server so you can be part of your true family.


I haven't opened my box yet (Just arrived to my new city and staying at the old house, noticed the box, it's HUGE) but I think my account is currently linked in SoTE server, will have to check and try to do stuff anyway.


haven't played TOR In like 6 months or so, with all the wedding stuff I just didnt really have time to play, but lets see how things go, will try to pester you in that server ;)

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You can create characters on any server you want, it's not connected to any one server, so you can create characters you want on Vornskr. That and any characters you've created in beta are now gone.


If you wanted you could start 20 different characters on all different servers, though there is a limit of 8 per server atm so you can't create 20 characters on one server alone.

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