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SWTOR Gaming Mouse by Razer Review


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Yeah. Razer has been making all kinds of goodies for TOR. Problem is, what is the price-range? Competitive?


Problem is for sellers: people are cheap. That's why even though you might have a superior product, it will continue to sit on shelves while cheaper ones fly off shelves.


This item would be strictly to the hardcore fan/collleactor/enthusiast if it weren't competitive. Other people who see a gaming mouse for cheaper with not too bad of reviews would almost certainly purchase that sooner.


Not to take anything away, I think it's sleek and pretty awesome looking.

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I haven't had the best of luck with Razers products.. Bought one of their lighted keyboards awhile back.. The black on the keys came off.. The arrows didn't look like arrows and a number of the letter keys had the same issue.. I finally had to replace it.. I also find their products to be a bit over priced when compared to logitic, SteelSeries or other company offerings.. Again that is just me.. I haven't used any of their mice, but this one is $139.99 so, I won't be using this one anytime soon either..

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Hm, looks kinda old school to me, aesthetically I mean.


It's probably the whole light grey thing, reminds me of one of the really old Microsoft mice lol.


*notices I still use a plain mouse ps/2toUSB2.0 adatper plug*


Oh I'm sorry, did I say something nice about its looks? Well, allow me to refine my statement: This coming from a guy with a rather plain, and apparently outdated, mouse.


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*hopes Saber doesn't laugh*




So they are not only overpriced (as this cheap bastard notices), but leave something to be desired in performance? ...Why would I buy this, again?


Anything out there that could switch around between left or right handed (with a keypad)?

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