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Re-release, JK-Outcast, Academy, BF, BFII

Master Temporal

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Just as an FYI, Office Max has re-released Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Battlefront and BFII for like $9 each.


This is a GREAT series, and a must have for any Star Wars fan.


I gather you can also get these titles on Steam?, but when I buy a video game (old school) I like to actually have the disc in my hand, sort of as a collectible, and also in case anything happens, anything at all, I still have a physical hard copy of the game.


I never played any Star Wars game before, and someone on a forum recommended BFII as the pretty much definitive SW game, so I bought a copy on eBay, and have probably played and replayed it about 100 times so far.


Then when I saw the Jedi Knight series at office max, I just bought all of them.


Very cool, especially for a ten year old game.


Still kinda buzzing on it, so came here just to chat with fellow Jedi.



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