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Guild Bank now open!

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Hey everyone, with the 1.2 update comes some nice perks and one of them is a Guild Bank where we can deposit and withdraw items that guild members can use to help them on their quest.


The Walking Carpets' guild bank is now open!


Currently we only have 1 vault in our bank which has 70 slots in it... it's going to take quite a bit of money to buy more vaults so we can put more items in there, 1 million credits for a second vault and then the price goes up for each additional vault after that.


Right now, the vault we have contains all of the Scavenging and Underworld Trading materials I've collected as well as some unique materials I've been able to gather. We've also got some orange gear and some mods in there.


Space is very limited at the moment, so we're currently trying to limit things to orange and purple slotted gear, modifications, crew missions and stuff you generally can't just buy at a vendor.


Along with the items we also have some money put into the bank, at last count I think it was 50,000 credits. This money is donated by folks in the guild to be put into the guild bank and can be used for various things. I suggest that at the moment we try not to spend this money and save as much as we can. However if you come into a situation where you've run out of money and need to desperately repair because one of your gear is broken, then go ahead and use the guild funds to repair.


Our bank is just starting out, but as it grows it'll become an extremely valuable resource for all of our members.



Note: Currently the Imperialist Meatbags doesn't have a guild bank, we don't know when we'll start one up for that side of the fence since most of the action seems to be on the Republic side. If folks do want a guild bank started for IMB asap then let us know and we'll work towards getting one set up. Unfortunately we don't just get one for free, it'll cost 600k to get the first vault which is why we don't simply have one already.

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I've got quite a few schematics and stuff that I could donate to an Imperial guild bank. Also, if money is needed to start one up, I'm willing to donate...

My agent is still kind of short on credits, but I could steal some form the republic side and donate too.

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Just to expand on some guidelines as far as what should go into the Guild Bank. Ideally the Guild Bank should be used to store goods that can be used to aid our members in both leveling as well as end-game content. However, as our storage space is very limited at the moment I thought it would be to our benefit to set-up a priority list, so to speak. Here is what I was thinking.


Priority List

  • Epic and Custom Gear
  • Epic Armoring/Barrels/Mods/Enhancements/Augments
  • Epic Crew Mission "Schematics" and Crafting Schematics
  • High Level End-Game Stims and Medpacs for End-Game Content
  • Higher Tier (Rank 4-6) Crafting Materials
  • Prototype Armoring/Barrels/Mods/Enhancements/Augments
  • Epic and Prototype Rank 5 Companion Gifts


What should NOT go in the bank.

  • All Green Gear
  • Low ranked Companion gifts
  • Anything you can readily buy from a vendor, that includes crafting mats from the Crew Skills vendor.
  • Probably more stuff I haven't thought of yet.


I rushed through that so if anyone has suggestions for changes or what have you speak up.


Also the Imperialist Meatbags will have a guild bank up as soon as I can coordinate with Jeff to get him online so we can buy it since he is currently the GM for the Meatbags.

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Post a list of what would be helpful to anyone and I will gladly donate, i get things looting that i will never use for this Character..but others might like to have....i also have some of the Collectors edition stuff that i would be happy to share if people wanted to try them out..... money i am short on only have below 20,000 at the mo but as i get more i will donate happily for the good of the Gulid. Great idea. Uh, how do we put things in? I am just downloading the patch update now.

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Mav did post a list of what would be helpful, trying to post a list of every specific item in the game that could be helpful would be impossible considering the amount of items in the game.


As for the CE stuff, all of those items are bound to your character and cannot be put into the guild bank, only items that are not bound to your character can be placed in there.


The guild bank is located on the fleet station in the GTN area. There are five rooms in the outer part of that area, the banks are in the middle room next to the room that has the speeder vendor in it.

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