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Saber style and cheats


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using setforceall 1138 gives you every saberstyle (Taviom and Desann too) in Academy, like it does in Outcast for single saber


but once you cycle through them once, it gets stuck on Tavion's fast style and attempting to change it will make the blue flash yellow but it stays on that style permanently


any way to fix that?

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1) download pakscape.



2) using pakscape, open the assets1.pk3 in your base folder (base folder probably located at "c:\program files\lucasarts\star wars jedi academy\gamedata\base" if you use windows).


*before editing the assets1.pk3, go to your jka base folder and copy the assets1.pk3 file. paste the copy somewhere else, as long as its not in the base folder. youll need this backup file in case you screw something up.

youll only need this step if you edit the assets1.pk3, not if you create a new .pk3 file. i recommend just creating a new pak file with pakscape. its easier, faster, and less problematic.*



3) within the assets1.pk3 file, follow this file path: "assets1\ext_data\sabers"



4) in the sabers folder, youll see all the sabers in the game. choose the one you like to use (or all of them) and copy the file.



5) paste the file somewhere outside pakscape. you can use your desktop, this will only be temporary. after youre done with the whole process, you can delete these copies.



*be sure to copy and paste the file before you edit it, otherwise your changes will not be saved, even if you click save.*



6) open the saber file and add these lines:


saberStyleLearned tavion

saberStyleLearned desann


within the brackets.

and erase these lines:


saberStyleForbidden tavion

saberStyleForbidden desann



7) here you have two options:


1:save the file, and cut and past the saved file back into your assets1.pk3 in pakscape, in the same place you copied it from originally, with the other sabers.


2:save the file, and cut and paste it into an entirely new file in pakscape. this will make it save faster, but youll have to make sure to make the filepath exactly the same, meaning:

"ext_data\sabers" so create a folder called ext_data, and inside that, another called sabers.

(this filepath is important, and its the only part of this process that isnt easier than editing the assets1.pk3.) put your new file in that.



if you created a new pak file:

save the new pak file in your base folder. name it whatever you want, and make sure you save it as a .pk3, not as a .zip file.


if you saved it into the already existing assets1.pk3:

click save and youre done.





this should allow you to use all the saberstyles.

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yeah. sorry, i havent edited sab files for a while, but "saberstyleforbidden" is a valid line, so i assumed it would be in there.

ignore that part, and add "saberStyleLearned tavion"

and "saberStyleLearned desann" anyway. my bad.

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oops, my bad again. i ALSO forgot to tell you, you have to add "saberStyleLearned" lines for fast, medium, and strong too; otherwise you will ONLY have tavion and desann. like i said, its been a while. sorry.


EDIT: ok, just tried it out. yup, you definitely also have to add the "saberStyleLearned" line for fast, medium and strong as well. works like a charm. cycles through all five very nicely.

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thank you so much


*also adds in bonuses for other settings and makes the length 45*


It fun to mess around with the npc files


NPCs with a high intelligence are more likely to use the alt-fire option


makes the game a lot more fun and challenging


i agree; pakscape is a modders best friend. its so so easy to modify the assets; i fool around with npc and saber and effects files all the time. great fun. adds so many new dimensions to the game when you can customize pretty much anything you want.


i remember when i first started editing the assets, i went way overboard just for fun and made massive 200 foot lightsabers and stuff. pretty cool, lol

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