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Star Wars: The Darkness Within

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The Jedi Order has been betrayed from within


Master Voleran, one of the Jedi Order's most powerful members has defected to the Sith Empire with nearly all of the knowledge that the Republic and the Jedi Order have collected since the Fall of Coruscant. If he is not stopped from reaching the Sith with this information, the Republic and the Jedi Order could end up facing a new war with the Sith Empire.


The Republic and Jedi Order are in agreement: The rouge Jedi Master must be caught or killed before the information reaches the sith. The Republic is now putting together a small strike force to intercept Voleran before he can reach his sith allies.




No Godmodding

No Super powerful characters

No more than three characters

Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them.

No killing other characters without permission.

Feel Free to use your characters from The Old Republic! You don't have to but if you want to, you can.

Have fun!



Character Sheet
















NAME: Zarev Avera




AGE: 27

SPECIES: Miraluka

APPEARANCE: Zarev wears the traditional jedi robes along with a mask that covers the upper part of his face.

WEAPONS: Green double bladed lightsaber

EQUIPMENT: Standard issue equipment belt.


HISTORY: Zarev was brought to the jedi order at a younge age and was thankfully not on Coruscant when the Sith attack occured as he was off planet at the time with his master learning the ways of the force. He was later sent to Tython when the jedi relocated. His master was recently killed and Zarev is still recovering from the loss.



NAME: Vlalkor Hevron

AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic((Havoc Squad))


AGE: 25


APPEARANCE: Vlakor is around 6'1 and has a tatoo around his left eye that is shaped like an arrow. He wears heavily modified republic armor with the insigna of havoc squad on the right side of his shoulder pad.

WEAPONS: Republic R-790 carbine, thermal detonators and concussion grenades along with a vibro knife.

OCCUPATION: Republic special forces solder.

HISTORY: Vlalkor joined Havoc squad after he recieved a commendation for taking charge of a small republic squad that had lost the majority of it's officers and solders during a skirmish. He managed to pull the unit through and succeded in saving the survivors and leading them through enemy lines to Republic territory.



NAME: Avriela

AFFILIATION: Formally the Sith Empire. Now her only priority is herself and those she considers allies

GENDER: Female

AGE: 29


APPEARANCE: Tall, dark-haired with a small scar going down the right side of her face, a mark that will forever remind her of her time with the sith empire. WEAPONS: Purple double-bladed lightsaber

EQUIPMENT: Hooded robes that are black and red with a silver lining on the edge.

OCCUPATION: At one point she was a sith assassin but left the academy after her master was killed and the other sith attempted to kill her for acts of mercy.

HISTORY: Avriela was once a student at the sith academy and was actually trained by a sith lord for a short time before her master was killed during a skirmish with republic forces. Although her master was somewhat confused by the acts of mercy that Avriela would show others but she soon realized it was a source of strength for her.


Shortly after her master was killed, certain sith who disagreed with her methods attempted to kill her for being what they thought was a "disease" among the sith. Avriela managed to escape Korriban although she was scarred during a battle with two sith apprentices who were killed while fighting with her with the help of a smuggler who was later executed by the sith for killing a sith trooper.


Now, Avriela wanders the galaxy, trying her best to avoid bounty hunters and sith who now hunt her across the galaxy. She has thought of going to the jedi but fears what they will do to her if they find she is sith.

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NAME: Varik Athzaria



AGE: 30


APPEARANCE: Varik is of average height (6'1" and 170 lb), he has icy blue eyes, and short black hair. He has a slim scar going down the right side of his face.

WEAPONS: Two violet lightsabers. (Form VI: Jar'Kai, Form VII: Juyo)

EQUIPMENT: Non-hooded red and yellow robes, the same style of the robes worn by the Jedi Crusaders in the Mandalorian Wars. Varik wears these robes to remember his ancestor that fought in the Mandalorian Wars, as well as a grim reminder of what happened to the Jedi that followed Revan. They are made of light, durable material, giving no restrictions in movement - and great flexibility. During combat missions, Varik wears hooded black/gray robes over his standard robes. He also has two cortosis forearm sheaths. They encompass the entirety of his forearms. They are useful for deflectiong lightsabers - albeit for a time, as well as swords.

OCCUPATION: Jedi Knight (Sentinel)

HISTORY: Varik's personality has deteriorated as well as his sanity. Killing the Onderonian Sith that killed his family did not bring him the vindication he had longed for. The gaping wound was still in his heart - and it instead gave him further nightmares. Varik's personality has devolved into a cold, ruthless vigilant - far from his original witty and funny self. He gradually severed his ties with the Brotherhood of Swordmasters, and he hasn't seen any of them for months. His gradual loss of sanity stemmed from a trip to Korriban - in which he was forced into a Battle of Wills with the ancient Tulak Hord - a battle he won barely. However, his mind was vulnerable, and a small part of Hord's spirit now resides there - slowly corrupting Varik and burning his sanity.



NAME: Kif Lomuta



AGE: 34

SPECIES: Twi'lek

APPEARANCE: Kif has a moderate build (5'10", 150 lb), and emerald green eyes. He is a Rutian twi'lek.

WEAPONS: Zabrak Tystel Mark III Heavy Blaster, Vibrosword.

EQUIPMENT: Rugged custom-made smuggling suit (equivalent to medium armor), Beemon Package implant, Verpine Bond gauntlets.

OCCUPATION: Information Broker, Smuggler, Freelancer.

HISTORY: A former freelance information broker and smuggler, he has recently offered his services to the Republic. Much of his background is unknown, aside from his birth on Nar Shaddaa. His reasons for aiding the Republic are unknown, but it is likely that they payed him a large sum of money in exchange for his services.

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NAME: Traver Wood



AGE: 35


APPEARANCE: Usually seen in a jacket with a tie and a hood on his head. He has a little tail in his hair and has a beard. (See picture)

WEAPONS: Heavy Blaster Pistol and a hidden knife in his boot.

EQUIPMENT: Several gadgets, which includes lockpicks and hacking devices.


HISTORY: Travis was born to wealthy parents, and he lived in a enormous house on Coruscant. When his mother died, a woman which Travis liked very much, his father took another woman just after the funeral. Travis left and joined the crew of a cargo freighter, which was instead a Smuggler Ship. Travis stayed until he had enough money to buy his own ship, and continued smuggling. He came into contact with the Brotherhood of Swordmasters and agreed to work for them. As the Brotherhood fell apart, he continued to work for the Republic.







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NAME: Per'dra Yllari


GENDER: Female

AGE: 33


APPEARANCE: As the pony-tailed Jedi Exile female in TSL, minus the ponytail

WEAPONS: Silver double-bladed lightsaber

EQUIPMENT: Armored robe

OCCUPATION: Jedi Sentinel

HISTORY: After her latest adventures (see my fanfics in the Coruscant Entertainment Center,) Per'dra has been promoted to a Jedi Knight from the Padawan status that she'd previously earned. She considers this honor to be the greatest one she's had thus far, because when it comes to rogue Jedi Masters, she's had a little bit of experience trying to track one down...

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NAME: Corsail Glacier. or "The Glacier"


AFFILIATION: Independent




AGE: 34


SPECIES: Mirialan


APPEARANCE: Long brown hair with a pony tail coming off the back. He has a long scar coming down across his face he recieved from a vibroblade.

He has a set of tatoo's on his face commonly seen on miraialans.


WEAPONS: Two modified DTB-27 Bolt blaster pistols



EQUIPMENT: Corsail wears corellian civillian clothes, underneath he has a ciber-mesh vest. Strong enough to resist blaster bolts but still light enough to move around fast.


OCCUPATION: Smuggler (Gunslinger)


HISTORY: Corsail started his smuggling career at a young age. Corsail was given many job offers to smuggle spice and cargo off world

but Corsail only accepted the ones that paid the most credits. Corsail never failed his assignments, and always completed them

on time. He had been betrayed doublecrossed and backstabbed many times but he always managed to sweet talk or shoot his

way out of trouble. Corsail built a large reputation but very few knew his actual name. Most just knew him as, "The Glacier".

Corsail never does jobs out of charity, only people who are willing to pay a high price recieve his services.

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NAME: Light Fang

AFFILIATION: Working with the Jedi Order currently, notable disagreements. (Left Order at 24)


AGE: 26


APPEARANCE: Short light-brown hair with a cowlick in the front. The hair around this cowlick is silver.

WEAPONS: Two single bladed light sabers, either in his hands or close to them, and a third saber, dual-bladed, tied to his back.

EQUIPMENT: A robe the color of the sand dunes, a belt at the waist of it, a mesh at the bottom to prevent sand from getting in uncomfortable places, and sandals. He also wears a leather strap to hold his double bladed saber in place. Under the robe, he wears a tank top and jeans.

OCCUPATION: "Jedi", Do-gooder, occasional mercenary and spy for the Republic.

HISTORY: Light had his family die when he was young. They were murdered in their home. His brother and he were the only survivors. He was recruited into the order as they promised to take care of himself and his brother. Coruscant was not an easy place to be brought up, even though it was his birth planet. He excelled at training,but had disagreements about personal attachment. He continued training, later becoming a quite intelligent and mature jedi for his age, who left the Jedi Order at the age of 24, after achieving the rank of Knight. From there he explored the Galaxy discovering many new things. He came back to Coruscant to visit his brother. He was about to leave, when the Sacking of Coruscant began. He had conviced his brother to come with him, and he was already aboard the ship. Light arrived at the dock when suddenly his ship was destroyed by a Sith bombardment. He felt his brother, his only remaining family, die while aboard the ship. As a so-called gray Jedi, he knew where his best chance of survival was. He made a break for a ship which contained members of a guild he would eventually help found. He grieved on the ship, but recovered well before they made it to Tython. His activities with this group of Jedi are largely unknown, though he is a known associate of Varik and several other people who we know little about. He last participated in a mission on Tatooine, and has been visiting a friend there since. He recieved a new request and offer for payment from the Republic. Since the mission was on-planet, Light accepted the job.

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Just figured I should make Tulak Hord one.


NAME: Tulak Hord



AGE: Spirit approx. 1,450 years old.


APPEARANCE: See below.

WEAPONS: Lightsaber. Serrated ancient Sith Warblade.

EQUIPMENT: Onyx claustrophobic mask. Cortosis layered robes.

OCCUPATION: Former Dark Lord of the Sith.

HISTORY: Known as the Lord of Hate, Tulak Hord was one of the most powerful Sith of his time. Renowned for his campaigns of Yn and Chabosh, he is also credited for the creation of non-corded lightsabers, and the lightsaber form Juyo.


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NAME: Darth Velox



AGE: 29

SPECIES: Human/Cyborg


WEAPONS: Two red lightsabers

EQUIPMENT: Hooded armored robes and facemask

OCCUPATION: Sith Marauder

HISTORY: Darth Velox is far from a traditional sith warrior. Yes, he fights for what the sith believe in, but he never actually went through proper trials. Upon discovering Velox, the lords of the time deemed what he had been through sufficient enough. Why was he allowed to pass the trials? As stated, Velox is not a traditional sith. When he was found, the bodies of two sith warriors and one jedi were found with him. Velox was not without injury though. Rather than be executed, Velox was taken in and given cybernetics for his injuries, mainly his left eye was replaced and a few features on his face. Velox was force sensitive, and had already proven himself to be a very capable warrior.


He was trained by a sith lord, who tried his best to teach Velox. He had been without training for so long, that proper ways didn't seem to work with him. The sith was about to give up until he considered a dual saber approach to Velox. It seemed to be a bit too natural the way Velox handled two blades, but was much more successful. His connection to the force was still different, but in time he was able to learn some force abilities.


Velox is a very arrogant individual, who believes himself to be one of the best sith out there. His cockiness exceeds any other quality in him, due to the "treatment" he got while training. His odd relationship with the force is what truly makes him a deadly opponent. His fighting style is difficult to read and combined with his gifted speed and agility makes him a tough assailant. He loves a good fight, often going out of his way to make a fight last. This desire to fight can be traced back to when he was first discovered by the sith. What came with that though was something less desirable...some nobility. He has a sense of honor for those who put up a good fight, which is frowned upon. He shows loyalty to the Empire so its often looked past.


With the death of a recent sith, Velox has been assigned to finish the job. He's tasked with getting the information, and taking care of anyone who gets in his way. His secondary task is to deal with the traitor Arivela, if he comes into contact with her. He only knows her a little bit, but is aware that she has been on the run for some time.


NAME: Paron Nauss



AGE: 16


APPEARANCE: Dark chocolate brown hair sat on top of Paron's head. It was so dark one would just assume his hair was black. Crisp green eyes filled with the heart of a thrill seeker were often accompanied by a cheery smile. Due to his time spent in the sun, his skin was tan but no where near close to sun-kissed. With no need to train, his body was simply average in terms of physique.




HISTORY: Paron was a fairly easy going individual, with no real problems in his childhood. He got along well with other kids and rarely complained when his parents asked him to do something. Despite his average sort of lifestyle, Paron would not be considered average if he was aware of his uniqueness. Paron was gifted with natural force abilities, and this gift would soon prove to be a curse. During a raid on his hometown by the Sith Empire, his parents were killed in the skirmish. The warriors present were looking for those gifted individuals to either eliminate or recruit. With Paron, they would do neither of these things. In a moment of rage Paron killed one of the attackers, using the element of surprise and the force as his ally. Paron died soon after that encounter.

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Official Notice:


Alright, due to the fact that we were very close to finishing this Rp, I'm asking the original players of The Darkness Within if they want to finish the RP. Please respond in this thread if you are interested in finishing and PM me with any questions you may have.


- Chev

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