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Getting shorted on Skill points. <Spoilers maybe>

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Hi all, I was a 7th level scout in Kotor (PC) who got to level 8 just before getting to Dantooine (hadn't clicked to upgrade yet). I tried doing 2 things:


1. Becoming a consular after upgrading to level 8 scout. Subsequent levelings up I was given only 2 skill points to spend each time. ( Even though I had 14 intelligence since level 1)


2. Not leveling to 8 scout and becoming a consular. Same intelligence and everything. I got 1 measly skill point to spend at my next leveling up.


I am wondering if this is a glitch because with 14 INT it seems like I should be getting more than 1 or 2 skill points as a consular.


Thanks for any information or advice.

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