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Hey guys - my 7 year old son just earned 1st place this weekend for the Texas State Wrestling Championships (Freestyle and Greco). As a proud father, I've decided to share a short clip from one of his Greco matches. He hit a move called a suplay that I wasn't aware he knew how to do. It was the talk of the tournament.


Here's a

for a short (0:14) clip - it's worth the watch!


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There was a famous wrestler that use to do that move all the time. Then again, I think there was a number of them that use to do it, come to think of it. Can't recall exactly who I'm thinking of right now, might of been Kurt Angle, not sure.


Regardless, nice move. :D

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Haha, nice.


But couldn't that move have broken the blue kid's neck or something?


Also, I checked out the

video that showed up in the related vids. Can anyone say SWAG?

Awesome. :p


There is some potential danger in that move, and it's actually not allowed in this age group. My son had performed this throw many times, but had gone more to the side instead of straight back (which is allowed). If he had been older, it would have been counted as a "touch-fall" and ended the match, since the other kid's shoulder blades both hit the mat at the same time. However, given their age, my son was actually just given a warning not to go straight back and not awarded any points. He still ended up winning the match (and the tournament), but he was upset that he had done something wrong (unintentionally). Despite the illegality of the move, it was still the talk of the tournament. Many other wrestlers, dads, and coaches were asking me to show them the video on my camcorder. It's a difficult move to hit as it takes a considerable amount of skill and strength.


And yes, he also likes to dance... he started a break-dancing/hip-hop club in 1st grade recess.

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