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[The Red Eclipse] <The Corrupted Travellers> Imperial EU guild.


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The Corrupted Travellers is the sister Imperial guild of The Casual Travellers and we are starting recruitment.


Our mission statement.


We are a bunch of people that eagerly awaited the release of this epic SW based MMO together. And what better way to enjoy some reality escape then with friends who share the same interests no matter age or location?


We have no intention to become the largest guild in SWTOR, we prefer a tightly knit smaller guild where people say "Hi" and "Bye". Where the social aspect is in focus, to share resources, experiences as well as "Phat lewt". We will aim for the numbers we need to be able to experience the full content of the game as a guild, nothing more.

We have members from teens to +50 who all work together to have a fun and rewarding game experience. Casual is allowed, hardcore is by everyone’s choice. Dont be fooled by the "casual" in our name, we have a bunch of pretty hardcore gamers too.

To have a life is allowed, to play for fun and enjoy the game in the way YOU want is part of our core philosophy. The tone and language in the chat is mature and helpfull. We have both father and sons as well as husbands and wifes playing, so language is civil but as always in this kind of games, might at occasion be colored by twisted humor...


Guild motto is; "Don’t ask of others, what you would not do for them."


And we strongly believe that no guild is better, or more, then its members. And we have a good base of good members now, so we have a good guild. So if you want to be part of a socially focused good guild, give us a try.


Looking for all new and old players levelled and levelling we have been here for some time on The Red Eclipse but have not started recruiting until now we are looking for more to fill our ranks if the mission statement sounds like your cup of tea check us out our web site is http://thecorruptedtravellers.guildlaunch.com/,


If there is anything you would like to know don't be afraid to send me a PM I'll try to get back to you in under 24 hours :).


We are also helping new players to the game get to grips with things we have ventrilo and there is usually some one always on there normally Kirrtarck one of our ops leader :p.


Hope to hear from you all soon.



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