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So who's still playing?


Do you still play?  

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  1. 1. Do you still play?

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    • No
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I go through phases - I won't play for a month (or 5), and then play for 20+ hours one weekend when I finally have some down time. I should probably FTP with that sporadic schedule, but I don't. I'm still a subscriber.


I would definitely play more often if I had friends that also played. Right now the only other person I know that plays is my 9 year old son (he's better at it than I am), and I can't play with him because his character is using a slot on my account.

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Pho3nix no clue what happened. Not sure if a officer removed you after a certain length of in activity or what.


However we are still around. Let me know when you will be around and we can make a time when we are both on and get you back in guild.


Sorry about that. I'll just blame Lynk for the hell of it.

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Alrighty, yeah no sweat we'll just blame it on Lynk! :p I also had a couple people disappear from my friends list so I assumed you guys switched servers / deleted characters or something.


I'll hit you up when I'm online, my character name in Tsaagan. Since I'm in Sweden right now our time difference is probably pretty off though.

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