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Psychonauts included as part of Humble Indie Bundle 5

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More Psychonauts news, but nothing MIND BLOWING:


Five incredible, best-selling games. Humble Indie Bundle V features five modern masterpieces and their soundtracks. Experience the fear and paranoia of Amnesia: The Dark Descent; the intensity and impact of LIMBO; the zany characters of Psychonauts; the future-retro, audiovisual concoction of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP; and, for customers who pay more than the average price, the exquisitely crafted action-RPG, Bastion.


Pay what you want. If you bought all these games and soundtracks separately, it would cost around $110. But we are letting you set the price!


This will be... what, the third or fourth time I've bought Psychonauts?


I buy every bundle as they come out and they never disappoint, if even one game here piques your interest, buy it. If at least two do, beat the average. If not a single one does, you have no taste and I hate you.

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